International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 126

Panguipulli “ The Lakes District” List Price: CLP $165,000,000 (approx. USD $330,000) Type: Residence Style: Lodge Living Area: 1,551 ft2, (145m2) Lot Size: 10.75 ha or 26.55 acres Year Built: 2002 Beds/Bath: 3 Bed/ 3 Bath A sturdy four-season lodge that is a bird lover’s or twitcher’s delight. This private hillside home has a magnificent commanding view of nearby Lake Panguipulli and further off Volcan illarrica. Standing on the well sited viewing deck overlooking a fresh green pasture one can hear the sweet song of various local birds. Basic paths, walkways and landscaping are already in and the gardens are planned so that you’ll have blooms all season round. A very welcoming entrance lined with hedges invites you into the house and out onto the veranda where soft classical music, a glass of wine and an alluring panorama awaits you. Inside a practical open floor plan makes the best use of space and the living and dining rooms are defined by their groupings of furniture. The common areas have access to the solar gain as the sun shines in through the north facing windows by day warming the open areas. At night the two woodstoves take up the job and the house feels cozy and snug. Lots of acreage and plenty of usable outdoor space makes this great second home a good investment for your money in uncertain financial times. Enjoy all that this house has to offer; or live here in comfort while you scout out one of the five other building sites to create your own dream-home. Then just keep the original house for parties and guests. Either way, this delightful home is one of our broker’s personal picks as a well sited, sturdy, sensibly priced and solid investment property choice.