International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 118

Q&A with Komie and Meg, the designers of D E L I K AT E R AY N E 1. Describe the DR woman: A DR woman is a captivating wildcat temptress; the mold-breaking, unapologetic femininity of that woman you think you know, but really don’t. She is a carefree creature, one who does not conform to expectation. 2. Tell us a little about the DR lifestyle, (i.e. travel, luxury, comfort, confidence, strength, work, play, etc): Its about a cool sophistication. Them embracing of effortless prestige and understated elegance. It’s the perfect balance that walks the fine line between attainable and unattainable. 3. Komie and Meg, where are your favorite places to travel, and favorite things to do while vacationing or playing? We will always have a soft spot for India. Not to be captain obvious, but no matter how many times we have been it still doesn’t seem like its enough. Have soul-mate vibes with most European destinations. Really have a fond, equal appreciation of the hustling, bustling city destinations on one hand. Matched neck and neck with those cliche tropical-paradise destinations where laying around drink in hand while doing everything and nothing at the same time very nonchalantly is not only accepted, but required. No matter where we go though, we make it a point to learn about the history and immerse ourselves in local culture. Oh and we always prefer lush breakfasts over fancy dinners so we can spend our nights out on the town. We are obsessed with people watching and it multiplies x 1000 when we are traveling so if you catch us staring, we apologize in advance. Just overly curious by nature. 4. How long have you been behind DR, and what are the roots of the brand? Bored with the redundancies of the suburban paradigm in which we were raised, we felt compelled to offer a different comment as an effort to assert change. Being female and East Indian involves a great degree of determinism. Male dominant social norms prevail in our native country, and even in the context of our Westernized upbringing, traditional ethnic and gender expectations linger. For us, this meant that pursuing an atypical career in Fashion was out of the question… But ignoring our love of style and form was simply unacceptable - our appetite to create prevailed. Enter Delikate Rayne....and now here we are. Hi. 5. What’s in the future for Delikate Rayne? New limited edition Vegan leather colors and pieces, introducing a cruelty-free suede along with a super snuggly faux-fur, plus adding a variety of new edged out timeless silhouettes. 6. What makes DR unique in the fashion world? DR is the solution for every woman who loves luxurious, contemporary fashion as much as she loves animals. There are tons of amazing highend and contemporary brands readily available for women. Ones that really nail and deliver that understated glamour aesthetic which fashion mavens tend to gravitate towards. There just isn’t anything on that level, in terms of looks and composition which is cruelty-free. We want to fill that void. Every time you wear a DR piece you embody the glam and can feel the opulence - you aren’t going to just wear it once and throw it away. It’s a keeper. Our pieces blend seamlessly into your pre-existing wardrobe. Making it really easy to mix and match painlessly. Everything is