International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 117

So now you are probably thinking, if this is so important and so serious, why haven’t I heard about it before? Why isn’t it front page news? I believe it should be, which is why I have spent months researching it and preparing the information for you. But just the fact that you are not reading about it in the mainstream media, means it’s hard for many people to take it seriously. Unfortunately, the media rarely reports on these kind of issues, so it is up to us to share the information. As we said before, the laws come through Codex, who pass them down to the EU, who pass them down to the member states, so they don’t go through the normal political party process and even some politicians may be unaware of them. What Can We Do About It? Hopefully, if you are still reading, you are now wondering what you can do to preserve our right to use traditional herbs and high strength supplements. The more I research, the more I see that the problem isn’t with Codex at all. It isn’t with the big corporations, who are doing what big corporations do. They are the bullies in our midst, greedy, selfish, lying, thieving bullies, and we can’t expect them to change anytime soon. No, the problem doesn’t lie with them, it lies with us. To make these laws, Codex depend on people either Not knowing what’s going on Only being partly informed so not aware of the seriousness of the situation Knowing but not being bothered, thinking it’s not going to affect them Knowing but thinking it couldn’t happen, so not taking action Knowing but not caring because they think the laws are just themselves with knowledge and take positive action, the bullies cannot force their agenda on us, and they become powerless. I am such a huge believer in people power! I think humans are amazing! We can do anything. We can make miracles. So it’s up to us to prove the bullies wrong. I think their downfall lies in the fact that they believe that people are fundamentally dumb so it’s easy to manipulate them. I believe people are fundamentally intelligent, just many have become disconnected from their intelligence through the unnatural foods and media programming they have received since childhood. If you’ve got to the bottom of this article, you have such power! You have facts, and knowledge, and understanding and awareness, and it’s vital that you take that out into the world. Contact your MP and your MEP, yes. Sign the petitions, please (links at the bottom of the page). As far as possible, consciously choose to only spend money with companies who are proactively working for health and the environment, who don’t put profits before integrity. But actually the most valuable thing you can do is just to tell everyone you meet about what is happening. If everyone stopped buying from the big corporations, they would have no power. If everyone contacted their elected representatives and organised protests, the full story would get out and the outcry would be enough for the government to u-turn. We can do it! Thank you for being the change. Thank you for proving them wrong, and showing them that we humans are wonderful, clever, awakened beings who can take charge of our lives with authenticity and integrity. If people do not act out these scenarios, but empower