International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 113

You will need 2-3 courgettes (choose fairly straight courgettes that aren’t too thin!) For the sauce 1/4 cup goji berries 1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes 1/2 cup of walnuts 4 medium tomatoes 1 red pepper (I prefer the sweet, pointed Roman peppers) To Make Cut the courgettes into spirals with a spiral slicer or use a potato peeler to peel thin slices of the courgette lengthwise, turning it as you peel creating long ‘linguine’ style peelings. Soak the goji berries, sun dried tomatoes and walnuts for half an hour while you prepare the other ingredients. Put all other ingredients (except the soaked ingredients and the basil) into the Thermomix or blender and blend until you have a smooth sauce (in the Thermomix this will be 1 min on speed 8). Add sun dried tomatoes and basil and blend for 10 seconds (TM speed 6) then add goji berries and walnuts and process briefly until they are broken down but still chunky. (TM 5 seconds, speed 5) Almond ‘Parmesan’ 1 cup of almonds 2 tbsp nutritional yeast A pinch of healthy salt 1tsp of garlic powder (you can use fresh garlic, but you will then not be able to store it as a store cupboard staple) Blend all ingredients until the almonds have broken down to the consistency of grated parmesan cheese. Keeps in an airtight jar for weeks.