International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 110

seeing my clients flourish. So I thought that was more than enough for me, along with my very healthy lifestyle. However I was left feeling unfulfilled and what do we do when we are unfulfilled? We look for ways to fill ourselves up. Now anyone who knows me, knows of my addiction to crisps. I took some time to contemplate this question and I asked myself why I needed the crisps ? it was a clear message that I heard, :”Because I deserve them, I have been working so hard and caring for everyone else, where is my treat?, I need a treat.” What I have found is that by connecting with my self, and listening to my body in the special ways that I use and that I can easily teach you, I can finally see and understand what was missing. I have learnt that as I take care of me and I mean really take care of me on every level, in all aspects of my life, my craving and need for filling myself up with something naughty like crisps or to go on a shopping spree for this elusive items that just adds to my wardrobe has diminished. My healthy appetite for pure natural foods have been restored and I have discovered that I can relax more and be happier. I have more energy for the things I want to do and I really know what it is that I desire in every sense of the word, and what’s more I can allow myself to receive it in every day. My passion is renewed as I have allowed my self my missing nutrient, and in my case it is exhilaration and thrills, and I have researched how I get these the most and added them in to my life, eg: horse riding, running, anything with speed and excitement and a little danger too, this makes me feel really, really alive. Everyone has there own special nutrient and I am so happy that I have found mine it has changed everything for me, Now that mine is overflowing I am happy to watch you reach your true potential as I have. By partnering with you, I can quickly guide you to find what it is that you really need to be fulfilled, so that comfort eating is a thing of the past. I will teach you how to change what and how you eat forever. This is only really possible and sustainable once you have discovered what it is that you need on a deeper more satisfying level. No amount of salads and green juices will get you to where you want unless you are fulfilled and finding your food and your life a pleasure. If your food is not a pleasure you will be looking elsewhere until you can feel full up. You know the search and drama that happens as you look into your fridge and cupboards late at night for something to fill the gap. But is it food that you really need? NO… . This is a unique adventure that will help you to feel so fulfilled, you will discover and know what you really desire and be able to ask for it and better still actually get it. I will teach you the unique ways that you can Nourish yourself and watch you as you flourish beyond your expectations. I will guide you through and create a truly healthy and tasty menu that suits you and fulfills you. No amount of healthy food that actually tastes like medicine will fulfill you either. Join with me on my introductory offer for Partnering with you on the “Find your missing nutrient” in October for my three week program for 150.00 Euros, or 6 week program for 250.00 Euros. this is a guaranteed fun ride. Normal price is 225.00 for 3 weeks and 450.00 for 6 weeks. Intrigued? Fiona Robertson is the Body Re Newer and runs Detox and health retreats in Biarritz, France. She is the creator of the Home Detox Box a 7 day DIY home detox and internal kit. Fiona is very passionate about sharing her unique skills and partners with people who want to change what and how they eat forever. She has successfully unraveled the mystery to the missing nutrient that enables you to feel so fulfilled, that reaching for the familiar comfort foods are a thing of the past. I will guide you from whatever level you are comfortable at, I will help you to nurture yourself with ideas, tips, strategies, recipes and fun ways to get you through each day, to build up your foundations and regain your personal energy. I look forward to hearing from you.