International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 107

6 TECHNIQUES AND DISCOVERIES WE MADE 1 2 4 DECIDEbecome great at prioritisation when you are time poor. For example, decide out WHAT´S IMPORTANT It’s important to of a list of 10 things what the top 3 things are that you absolutely have to do with your family, e.g. read your child a bedtime story three times a week, be home at least twice a week for a sit down evening meal, go to the gym twice a week, go on a date with your partner once a week, etc. To some of you this may sound like you are imposing rules and restrictions on your life, but by doing this you’re actually helping yourself to free up your life. BE ORGANISED Have a white board or planner in your home so that you know what’s happening on a day-to-day basis. Write up your plan (maybe with your partner) for the week ahead on a Sunday night or Monday morning so you know what lies ahead of you for the week. This will help an enormous amount in terms of time management in general and will mean that you won’t miss or forget things easily. It will give you a real sense of control over your week, rather than feeling the week is in charge of you! Reduce energy-sapping influences 3 Whether these energy-sappers are people or commitments, reduce them or ideally get rid of them from your life altogether. This time is about you and the priorities that you chose in point one. If you think you’re being selfish focusing on yourself rather than other people, understand that when you have got your balanced life back then you will be better placed to help others with their problems and needs. It’s important to be realistic and know when to say “NO” to things. Recognise that your situation is different now and that you can’t work to the same capacity you may have before. Being decisive and taking control will be a huge psychological boost for you. 6 Make the most of your time off 5 Say NO Use your spare time wisely. Book a holiday that will re-energise you and the family or organise things that you haven’t got round to doing that will make you really happy. This doesn’t mean making sure the house is redecorated and the washing is done. You need to have fun too and holidays should be used for relaxing not taking on new projects that will use up more time and energy. TIME FOR YOU It’s important to learn how to appreciate yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget things or something slips. This is normal - you’re human. Rather than dragging yourself through this experience, nurture yourself through it. Remember the journey needs to be as enjoyable as the end result – your beautiful family that you’ve created.