International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 106

Motherhood and Career whilst keeping sanity Rebekah Fensome A nna 32, a solicitor from Birmingham was finding it increasingly hard to earmark time for her new family. She had been married for 3 years and had her first child, Chloe, a year ago. She had been back at work for 4 months and was finding it hard to juggle her work life, time for her partner, time for Chloe, for her friends and most importantly time for herself. She’d always prided herself on being good at multi tasking but was finding the lack of sleep and guilt about not spending enough time with her family hard to deal with. “On the one hand, I’m really happy that my career is going so well and I love my partner and Chloe to bits but at the same time, I just don’t see how I’m going to have the time or the energy to fit everything in. Surely something has to give.” She had found that recently she was spending a lot of time worrying about what other people thought about her at work and within her extended family. She was increasingly berating herself if she let something slip and would compare herself negatively to other working mums she knew. “My friends Sally and Abi are great mums and career women and still manage to socialise, go to the gym, cook, have beautiful hom \?[??[?\????[??[[XX?[]H[????[?\?H??&]?????]8?&\?HX]\??]YK??H[HH?[?[??]\?\?[?[H?XZ[?Z[?\??]?Y?O??'B?H???Y???[H?][??H?? [??[??H\???\?Y]?H?YYY??[??H???B??Y?X??]\?[YH[???[Z]Y[??[???^[?[???[?\??[?\??H???Z[???]??\?[?H?Y??\????'^H?\??[???]?X?Z?Z]?H[??YYH??[?[YH?^\?[?[?]?[?HX[Y\??[?[?H??X?]?H???\???]8?&\?[\?[?[?^HY?K?H?X[\?H]H?\??Z[??\??^\?[??[?x?&[H???[???Z[??H^\?Y[??H?]\?[??\??Z[????]??Y?] ??'B????˜?X?Z?Z?[???Y[Y?X??X? ???B????[?\??][?[Y?\?[[XY?^?[?K???B??