International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 94

Pucon, Chile “The Lakes District” List Price: CLP $25,000,000 to $55,000,000. Per Lot (approx: USD $53,000 to $117,000) Type: Lots in a Gated Development Infrastructure: Road, Electric, Water Parcel Size: 5,000+ m2/ 1.25+ acre parcels Situated in an area west of Pucon center the spot is conveniently just 10 minutes to downtown yet in a peaceful natural setting in the high ground aloft from the lake. A few minutes drive from the lakeshore but at this distance the road is silent. And from this elevation the view of the shimmering water of Lago Villarrica is awe inspiring. This newer development is a lovely medley of parcels which combines a mix of different characteristics depending on your preference and budget. The lots have been surveyed into 5,000+m2 parcels (1.25+ acres). Yet there are some natural combinations of lots that would make it conducive to own more acreage. To encourage ownership of larger units the developer is open to some negotiation for such purchases. Take your choice of a pastoral, tree-line bordered back lot or an open sunny setting. And for our investment buffs it’s a great spot to apply your buy and hold strategy due to the superior ??6F????B??R'&?B?bF?RFWfV??W"?v?&?v?F?V?G?6????F?'V??B7?'G????R6&???"7W7F?????R?b??W"6???6R?F??Vv??B6??V?B&RFW6?v?F?Bf?G2v?F?F?R?GW&?7W'&?V?F??w2?B66WFVB'V??F??r7G??W2?bF?R&V?F?W&R&R?&VG??V?&W"?b???R?v?W'2??&W6?FV?6RF?B&Rf?&V?v??F????2g&??'&?B?6?F?W&^( ???&R?V?G???6??????W&Rv?F???W"?Wr?V?v?&?'2?V6???2w&VB?6RF??fR???Rg&?V?G2?B??fW7B??W"?&BV&?VBF???'2?6?????FW&?F?????VB&VF?Bv???6??F??VRF?G&rGFV?F????Bw&VBvFVB6???V??G?F?6??R?Bv?g&??v?F??WB??6??6W&?2??V?WGFT6?WF?W&?6???W&?W'F?W2?6???wwr?6?WF?W&?6???U&?W'F?W2?6???wwr???FW&?F?????fW7G??V?v???R?6???