International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 92

Panguipulli, Chile “The Lakes District” List Price: CLP $120,000,000 (approx. USD $250,000) Type: Farmland for Development & Investment Infrastructure: Dirt Road, Water, Electricity at Road Parcel Size: 25 ha or 61.75 acres Calling all serious investors you must put this property on your A-list for showings next trip to Chile. This isn_t just a lovely quality farming grade property with homey pastoral views and easy offroad access this is a future investment. And it´s one with a solid near term payback. My hats off to the first savvy person who has the insight to see the potential here and act on it. Our target land is presently used for grazing cattle and is suitably set up for this kind of agricultural pursuit. It has a well maintained gravel road running fully along its southern perimeter. The pasture is completely fenced and also crossfenced providing several paddocks to rotate the animals feeding lots. On site there is not only a 3-season stream but also a communal watering arrangement supplying quality year-round H2O to it. It is not presently organically graded but for all intents and practical purposes it is and could be granted IMO certification within three years. So the secret to making money with this land is to be not only well studied, but also informed and in the right place at the right time as they say. So heres the overview before us a 60-acre piece of property listed at the base price of undeveloped farmland of its nature. The present assessment is that we are living in times of banking, economic and food instability. And so then a new class of investor has been created who is intently looking for productive land with also some productive financial capacity. To allay their concerns; intending to both preserve and grow their hard earned capital many contrarian investors are turning back to the age old concept of the communal or family farm. Indeed a very good way to get large amounts of money out of unstable banks and countries with growing capital controls. It`s also a nice place to live if and when you so choose, with the capacity to grow your own fresh food, enjoy clean air, water and the quiet life in a beautiful stable country. Bordered by a neighboring horse farm this is a lovely place where a small select group of foreign expatriates will be drawn to for the camaraderie. Together everyone will feel not only safe in their community but also sound in their investment. So that´s the concept. This parcel should logically divide into about 6 lots for resale with one small house site set aside for a caretakers residence. Once the initial investments, to add in the needed services are fully in place, the developed land should be able to sell for almost double its original purchase price. In the mean time a larger bordering blueberry farm is up for sale so for those wanting further investment capacity, there is the potential of buying 3 additional adjoining lots there, and the farm itself. The owner whom is a ChileanAmerican dual citizen, speaks fluent Spanish had has decades of business experience here in the South. He would readily be available to act as a farming, real estate & building consultant or even all three combined. There´s a number of ways to customize this reasonable investment and have a seasoned incountry consultant or partner to work with. Foreign investing doesn´t get much easier than this so call for your property tour today.