International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 85

glorious scenery are all just lying there waiting to give you one of the finest mountain bike experiences you could ever have.The vegetation and clean, fresh air, replenishing your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. All walks are designed for topography of northern Sweden anyone with a reasonably good is almost perfect for mountain physical fitness, the basic idea biking,but, there are few people is that you can do different walks who live here, so there are few every day, and in the evening biking areas and prepared paths your return to your own bed for mountain biking. You do need within the campervan, ready to know the area well to be able to to start a new adventure the find the secret hideaways.. That’s where you need a great guide. In following day. An opportunity to Sweden there is a law of public really kick back. access making it possible to bike almost anywhere, just as long as you are careful and show due respect for nature the owners of the property and for walkers. On a cycle tours you allow nature steer you, along paths, lanes and forest roads – preferably single tracks. The terrain is hilly and sometimes demanding as you bike over roots and stones. Even though there is not a large difference in altitude there is a lot of both uphill and sweet descends that can be covered in a day. In Norway and in the Swedish mountains the biking can sometimes be more alpine, requiring push-bike to be able to get up to higher altitudes. On some trips you pass ski resorts with bike parks, making it possible to make a stop there if requested. The biking is very varied, and programmes can be adapted to the interest and ability of the participants – with everything from downhill to epic tours in an unspoiled environment. Whichever trip you choose you will prefer a bike with full suspension. Bikes and equipment can be rented if you do not want to bring one with you. TEAM BUILDING This is a wonderful idea and for any company or group of friends, this has to be the best team building course, imagine working together in the fresh air, working on problems together and finding solutions all in the outdoors, now that is better than any conference facilities out there! Northern Safaris have good contacts throughout the north of Sweden and Norway, both in the mountains and along the coast, and can organise activities either at a given destination or as a variation on one of our trips. The best thing is to email first with your thoughts and ideas and then work together to achieve the results you are looking for. I love the fact there are options for everyone with this company, so do visit the website and arrange a trip full of fresh air and fun! Walking is one of the best ways to enjoy both nature and culture. When you are walking you have plenty of time to observe sounds and smells, to reignite your senses. This is a time to drift into your own thoughts surrounded by beauty and HIKING CONTACT DETAILS Northern Safaris Mobile Hike Bike and Ski tours Contact: info@northern-safaris. se Phone: +46 702972929 We also compensate for all carbon exhaust during our trips via the organisation Vi-skogen who run a forest planting project in Tanzania