International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 82

Back in 2010 they began making trips with a camper van, to the long Swedish mountain ranges and to Norway. They have all the necessary facilities needed, and can stop for a break whenever and wherever, which sounds just perfect, no pre organised stops here! Their aim is that they want you to be able to experience fantastic skiing, epic biking, magnificent walking and pleasant company in a majestic, unexploited wilderness, and this they have achieved. Their combined training puts you in safe hands including, education, ski, leadership and travel guide, avalanche 1 & 2, first aid in field and glacier rescue, add to this the fact that they speak Swedish, Norwegian and English I think you would agree, these are the people you want to be with on your trip! Northern Safaris brings you and your friends a guided adventure, with the best Scandinavia has to offer when it comes to skiing, mountain biking and walking. In a week’s trip you can experience the magnificent wilderness, mountains, forests, lakes and untouched landscape of northern Sweden and enjoy the fjords and majestic mountains climbing straight out of the sea in northern Norway. You could be travelling through the last remaining wilderness of Europe and cross the Arctic Circle, with opportunities to experience the magic of the endless light Arctic night in the summer and the northern lights in the winter, something I personally have always wanted to do. I love the fact that they use campervans for travel, this gives you so much freedom plus it gives you access to high level comfort and facilities at the same time. SKIING By skiing this is referring to Alpine touring, skiing with skins. There are, of course, some ski lifts in the area, but they are not the reason you will be visiting.. When one skis oneself both uphill and downhill this makes for more of a total experience. The views become even more spectacular, and the way down becomes even more memorable. The landscape of the north is still wild and unexploited. The area you travel to is gigantic. Every single day you can find new mountain slopes where nobody has been. There is everything, from forest skiing to high Alpine peaks and glaciers. There is plenty of skiing for every level of ability and with the campervan you can reach any number of different peaks. You will meet people prepared to share their experiences in a world that is large, white, unexploited and indescribably beautiful. Every skier’s dream! Some describe the mountains of Sweden as long, bare and rolling. While in Norway they are steeper and more pointed and brutal, getting more so the closer you get to the Atlantic. But the Swedish mountains are higher than in Norway. The mountains you will visit are between 1000 and 1900 meters above sea level, with slopes falling between 600 and 1400 meters. Where you travel depends on weather and snow conditions, and on the experience of the group, so do not worry that you could be out of your depth. The long mountain reaches in Sweden sometimes require the use of a snowmobile to save time getting to the foot of the mountain. On a typical day you will be out for 6-8 hours, with lunch on the slopes. Whether you choose telemark or alpine skiing your instructor is qualified for both, and all trips vary to match the needs of both the less experienced and the highly qualified. Having said that you do need to be, whatever your level, in a reasonable state of physical fitness. If you do not have the right equipment you can hire this, but, if you can, bring your own boots that you have broken in, the last thing you want is sore feet! BIKING Northern Safaris can offer you both easier trips and all day, technically advanced, trips in the unique countryside of Nordkalotten. Deep pine forests, lakes, heaths, mountain peaks, fjords, wilderness och