International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 78

Deep Relaxation Yoga teaches you to find the balance between being active and resting. You will learn how to be more at peace with yourself while being active, and more attentive while relaxing. You will learn simple relaxation techniques and also Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation. You will become more aware of – and learn to relax – the different dimensions in your being. By doing this you will rediscover the ability to rest in yourself. You will also learn how to make a resolution which you can rely on. You discover and stabilise your attention and ability to stay alert, both in actions and while going into deeper contact with your inner life. Meditation The Source of Energy Meditation cleanses and clears up in the body and mind by using a specific breathing technique and concentration on the chakras. Energy stored in tensions – experienced as an unclear state of mind – is released and transformed into a state of resting calm and spaciousness. On the longer retreats (like the 10-days Holiday Retreat and the Chakra Retreat) you will learn the Ajapa Japa Meditation, a more advanced version of the Source of Energy Meditation. Inner Silence Meditation (Antar Mauna) begins with a fundamental training of your awareness. You learn to accept disturbances and thoughts. The essence of Inner Silence Meditation is a transforming experience of the silence from where you experience everything else that of being one with yourself. To rediscover yourself and develop a deep understanding of your very being, this is certainly the right destination for you. To find out more about upcoming retreats go directly to the website and connect to the retreat that reaches out to you. Upcoming Retreats Weekend Retreat Sept. 20-22 Beginners Retreat - w/ Audhild & Bjarke Weekend Retreat Oct. 18-20 Beginners Retreat - w/ Audhild & Bjarke Weekend Retreat Nov. 15-17 For the Experienced - w/ Audhild & Bjarke New Year Retreat Dec 27-Jan 1 5-days Winter Retreat - w/ Audhild & Bjarke SCANDINAVIAN YOGA AND MEDITATION SCHOOL Ask Retreat Centre, Floridavegen 81 N-5307 Ask, Norway Tel: +47 56 15 15 00, Cell Phone: +47 908 67 062 Email: Internet: