International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 68

When I first discovered Breathspiration, it was the story of Andrea Forizs, a Hungarian born scuba diving instructor and life coach, that drew me to want to include the business in the magazine. I will let Andrea tell the story of her journey:“As an economist and a former businesswoman, my spiritual path took some slightly atypical turns. I am a pretty wholehearted person, so when I was in business life and marketing I completely focused on the material world, and when due to some changes in my life I quit – I thought living a spiritual life would be my destiny. I moved to another country and decided to live a life of passion, and started working as a scuba diving instructor. Scuba diving was my long time hobby and my only shelter from “reality” where I felt that everything was in the right place and I was united with the nature and all the creatures with which we share this planet. It was amazing to have a daily activity – also called as work! - where you have the chance to be physically active, share your knowledge about substantial matters with people from many countries, age groups, interests etc, and be a real part of the nature and through this have a better understanding of our planet – and all this on a daily basis! I quickly understood what happiness and being present and being in a flow means! In the meantime – mainly for social reasons – I started practicing yoga in a local club. It was the second life altering experience of the year, as I realized that you do not have to get wet in order to sense the union. Wow, what else could I be expecting from life? I immediately decided to do something about it and share my experience with others. Through a coincidence (now I would call it luck) I met Carl Massy and the World’s Biggest Gym. His personality and the strategically developed life coaching programs immediately impressed me, and I decided to go for the Life Coach Training. And now, here I am, on my island, building my business based on my passion, my knowledge and the balance regained. I am organizing yoga retreats in Mallorca with internationally acknowledged teachers. I am working on giving as many extras to the retreats as possible: beside the utter yoga programs I put an emphasis on the healthy food, and provide a Food Workshop. I have also developed an introductory Life Coaching workshop, where the guests have a chance to get some insight in the process of life coaching. I have some great combinations in my head, so be prepared to hear from my special retreats in the future! In my free time I teach people how to dive.” Andrea is an inspiration to us all. Now running her business in Mallorca, the retreats are based on different yoga styles but with the main focus being on providing people with the tools, and vision,needed for daily life on their return home. All programs are based on healthy nutrition, regular workout, positive thinking and learning how to recognise all the happiness, and beauty, that is around us. All this is around us, we just need to be reminded about it and ???????????????U????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1???? ?????????M??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q???????????????????????????????????????????????????M????????-????????????]???M???????!??????????Y?????M??? ???I??????????()??????????????????????????????((0