International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 57

The basic recipe You will need a few handfuls of fresh, organic,kale, the leaves torn into large pieces, washed and dried thoroughly. Now place them onto your dehydrator trays, and place in the dehydrator on 105 degrees, or in your oven at the same temperature, until they reach the desired crispiness. Then take them out and let them cool, which takes only a few minutes. Now, you can get really creative! When your kale leaves are dry put them into a bowl and add your choice of flavours, try:1. Sea salt (not too much as the taste will intensify) drizzle of olive oil. Massage the ingredients into the leaves and then treat in the same way as the basic recipe. 2. Try using coconut oil, by massaging it into the leaves and then mix through sesame seeds. 3. Use flavoured oils such as chili oil and then sprinkle over a little cayenne pepper for a punchy crisp. 4. Try using lemon, or lime juice, only a little scattered over, a little salt, massage through and then turn them into crisps. The wonderful thing with these delicious crisps, and with the extensive range of herbs and spices from Steenbergs, is you can really go to town and create your own special brand of Kale crisps, knowing that these are not only delicious but super healthy too, which is brilliant, because you can take your flavours all over the world! They do keep in an airtight container, but, I have no idea how long as they never even get that far in our house! A few reasons to eat Kale 1. It has more iron, per calorie, than beef. 2. It is a powerful antioxidants 3. It is a brilliant anti-inflammatory food (brilliant to fight against fight against arthritis, asthma) 4. It is high in vitamin K and one of the best things, Kale is low in calorie, high in fiber and has zero fat! Worldwide Delivery.