International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 56

KALE CHIPS By Lynn Nicholson In association with E veryone is talking about kale right now, however, here in Spain no one appears to have heard of it, so it was the mission to source organic, GM free seeds and begin growing here. Obviously the first batch was an experiment, maybe there was a reason why no one grew it here, perhaps it just would not work. Well, great news, it has worked and we are now planting more and more so we can spread the word with everyone here. So, what to do with Kale? Well you can juice it, but for me, personally, the best way is turning those beautiful leaves into healthy snacks. It is super easy, ideal if you use a dehydrator as you maintain all the goodness that kale offers, but if you do not have one, you can of course use a normal oven, but the real secrets lie in what you combine with your leaves, so here are a few ideas. Note- Always ensure that once you have washed your kale leaves that they are completely dry before adding additional ingredients because, quite simply, you will not end up with crips just a bunch of soggy leaves, so do take the time to dry them out.