International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 55

Why dowse? Dowsing can help us to answer important life questions, adding weight to our gut feelings. I like to think of it as an extension of our sixth sense, encouraging those answers to come to the fore. We can dowse for health and healing purposes or for lost objects. We can also discover any areas of negative energy in our homes that may need cleansing. The possibilities are endless, so long as our intentions are for the greater good and not for selfish reasons, but for the purpose of this article, I’d like to show you how to dowse your perfect diet. One diet doesn’t suit all Nutritional advice changes constantly and can be highly confusing. What advice do we follow? And who has the right to tell us what to eat and drink anyway? The truth is, there isn’t one diet that suits all of us. We are constantly being told about what’s good and bad for us, but we are all individuals, with different genetic make up; different blood groups, different personality types, different digestive systems, different immune systems and different belief systems. So there is not one diet that can be labelled as good, or one diet that can be labelled as bad. That aside, it is important to know the food types that will increase your health and vitality, and those that will harm your system. This may change with time, so it’s important to let go of rigid thinking and self judgment, and tap into your inner wisdom. Choosing a dowser A pendulum dowser consists of a weight on a string which swings to give an answer. Your dowser can be as expensive or inexpensive as you wish. If you don’t want to buy one, a paper clip on a piece of thread will suffice, or a pendant on a chain. The most important thing is that your pendulum works for you. As you hold the chain/thread between your thumb and forefinger, several inches away from the weight, ask in love and in light if it is the right dowser for you to work with at this time. If it doesn’t really move, then try another. If you get an enthusiastic response, then ask, “please show me yes”, and make a mental note of the yes swing. Then “please show me no” and make a mental note of the no swing. Then ask again “in love and in light, are you the right dowser for me to work with?” If it answers yes, then you have found your pendulum dowser. If no, then keep trying others until you feel sure. Dowsing your diet 1) Begin by making a list of everything you have consumed today. Let go of thoughts about them being good or bad, or write or wrong in your mind as this may not be the case. Please list individual ingredients where possible, e.g. rather than writing ‘salad’, specify lettuce, avocado, tomato etc. And rather than write “coffee”, list coffee, sugar, milk etc. 2) Look at these foods and drinks one by one and ask yourself “is this good for me?” You will intuitively know the answer if you allow it to come. Notice how these foods make you feel when you pay attention to them. You can also dowse for confirmation, by asking “in love and light and for my highest good, is this beneficial for me right now?” Make a note of your findings. 3) Make a list of the different foods groups