International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 48

Why the right thing to do is so obvious By Fiona Robertson T he history of fasting goes back thousands of years. Philosophers, scientists, and physicians have used it as a healing process to cure sicknesses. Ancient yogis have known about the positive effects of internal cleansing for thousands of years. Their internal cleansing methods include: fasting, colon cleansing, enemas and pure raw food. Many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Eastern religions used and still use fasting as a healing process for spiritual purification and communion with God. Fasting affects not only our physical being, but our mental, emotional, and spiritual self as well. When we need to recharge, we take a break from life and go on vacation. When our body needs cleansing, fasting is time away from food. Both methods of withdrawal from normal routine help us get back in touch with what our bodies need. So since the beginning, fasting… the avoidance all food and drinking only water…has been practiced by almost every serious spiritual community.  Not so in our time, now I take up the banner to reeducate you about these simple facts. It is as true is it is rare, that we actually seldom ever choose cleanse or fast just for the fun of it.  For most, it is the last thing that can be labelled as fun, yet millions of people all over the world are cleansing, fasting, or both. Why?  Even if it has been well established that millions and millions of people all over the world have been cleansing for thousands of years, but you still may be asking yourself, why on earth should I do a cleanse? Aren’t you even curious how you would feel or how you will look after experiencing a short fast? The answer to why would anyone fast and cleanse, is a very simple one; it helps remove the obstacles that interfere with health: mental health, emotional health, and physical health.  Fasting and cleansing, when done properly, will have an amazing ability to clear out the causes of health issues and bring people back to a high state of health and well-being.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to this amazing natural process. It is a very simple and quick process where people are amazed with the great effectiveness of the intestinal cleanse.  Cleansing, when done properly, speeds us forward spiritually by clearing the pathways of love, joy and clarity.  Cleansing helps us see what very few people have ever seen; it