International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 37

So many people are stuck in a world that is fast, unfriendly and which determines our success by the trinkets we collect along the way, things we do not really need and yet feel we should have them to validate ourselves. At some point, we all need to step out of this bubble of illusion and step back into nature, back into the real world, back into truth and discover the core of who we are as human beings, to rediscover that which is really important, the fundamentals that make us who we are and to do that you need to really immerse yourself into a situation, away from gadgets, toxic noise and influence and I have found the perfect place for you to do this. A family run business, Sandra, Jesse and their two small children, own Grey Wolf Expeditions and they bring you the beauty of nature in its pure, raw, state. Their personal mission is to give their guests a gift which will last a lifetime, to leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and reconnected with nature, this cannot be achieved with any token trinket, believe me. Their aim is to provide a vacation that is completely removed from the busy world you live in, and with no cell phone reception, you have no emails, no calls just total peace and tranquility. Here it is just you, nature and your kayak and of course friends, old and new, sharing the beauty of Canada. All tours are eco friendly, organic and very well organised. The guides, Jesse and Bill, are both locals and have been working as kayak guides in this area for a combined 24 years, so they know the area incredibly well. Grey Wolf Expeditions describe their business not as a job but as their passion, their Lifestyle, to demonstrate to everyone who comes into contact with them how having a low impact on nature can have a huge impact on the soul and spirit of their guests. You cannot really appreciate nature and the wilderness that lies out there unless you are completely submersed into it. Without the interruption of the outside world all your senses come alive. You have time to see the beauty around you, your hearing connects with the sounds of nature, your sense of smell increases with every step as you breath in the fresh air and stunning aroma of the trees around you. Your sense of touch comes alive as you run your fingers through the leaves of trees, run your hand through the cool water you literally bring alive all those dormant emotions. As you unwind you start to reconnect with nature and yourself, you start to think about what it would be like to be in this environment everyday, ideas rise to the surface as your creative juices flow, previously hindered by daily life. You feel excited, energised and ready to take on the world. This is, in a nutshell, what the power of nature can do for you. Now imagine being in your kayak and watching the whales breach, listening to the sound of bald eagles as they soar above, you start to understand why any electrical device would be such an intrusion. When you return to camp you enjoy locally grown, and organic food, much of it is from the owners veggie garden the rest is sourced from local farms. No hormones, no antibiotics in this food, just pure goodness as nature intended. Three gourmet meals a day are freshly prepared outdoors, with the best restaurant seat in the world! You do not need to be an experienced kayaker, this opportunity is for everyone, and everyone needs to do this!