International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 49 - Page 19

Biological scientist Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, has found some shocking conclusions, and I’m determined to show them to my kids! Many of these drinks seem innocuous because they appear like ‘healthy’ fruit juices, but contain between seven and thirteen teaspoons of sugar ! Those that are labelled ‘diet’ or sugar free can be worse, containing artificial sweeteners that come with all kind of potential health risks. So what’s the alternative ? Well most of us know the importance of drinking water and for years we’ve been obsessed with mineral water. A huge industry has grown up to sell us this stuff and we’ve all fallen for it, lugging home heavy bottles of expensive water from the supermarket and then needing to recycle them to add to the plastic water bottle mountain. Mostly I’m happy with good old tap water and especially if its been through a filter, check out the great water filters and water carriers combined from My absolute favourite drink especially in summer (aside from the vino on a summers evening! ) is Coconut Water, its brilliant for replacing Electrolytes and tastes great. It’s not to be confused with coconut milk, the water develops inside a young green coconut and its naturally very sweet . It’s also fat free. Many of the brands available are from concentrate obtained from mature coconuts, In fact some are made from powder, concentrate or a blend of different coconut waters and haven’t been near an actual coconut for months !. Far better to look for water that is raw 100 per cent natural and nothing added, my favourite is Tiana coconut water, it’s a super fast hydrating juice that contains important minerals and vitamins. It’s a natural isotonic drink containing essential electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. Its certified organic, vegan, no GMO, no preservatives or additives so naturally low in calories. Because it’s taken directly from fresh young coconuts and canned within three hours of opening the coconut then it remains fat free and has no cholesterol. You not have heard of Tiana Fair Trade Organics because they don’t spend millions on advertising or celebrity endorsements, as they say ‘Our celebrities are the coconut farmers in the Philippines who get our coconut water from fresh young coconut to can’ TIANA Fair Trade Organics products are the result of a working philosophy that takes as principles the sustainable practices and the preservation of the environment. They are committed to organic, fair trade, transparency and sustainable agricultural methods They have a fair trade project ensuring that the farmers use good plantation practice to make coconut agriculture sustainable. Packed in recyclable 350ml cans and not tetra packs that are not generally recyclable. These cans are made especially for TIANA Fair Trade Organics and free from BPA.