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Eco Max Elephant Dung Paper is 100% recycled, handmade IURP HOHSKDQW GXQJ DQG RIFH waste paper manufactured in Sri Lanka by Maximus. Elephants are vegetarians, consuming a GLHW ULFK LQ SODQW EUH DQG DQ DGXOW HOHSKDQW HDWV NJ RI YHJHWDWLRQ and produces 100kg of dung daily. This waste product is perfect for making paper using tradition handmade paper production methods. After all the elephant is one of the worlds natural pulp mills. Traditionally, in Sri Lanka, elephants and humans have competed over scarce land resources causing casualties on both sides. To help solve this problem Import Ants and Maximus have created a sustainable industry that employs villagers to PDNH WKH SDSHU DQG WKH QLVKHG products. The production of the paper directly contributes to the villagers income and a percentage of WKH SURWV JR WR WKH 0LOOHQQLXP (OHSKDQW )RXQGDWLRQ DIOLDWHG with the World Society for the 3URWHFWLRQ RI $QLPDOV :63$  that runs an elephant orphanage committed to the preservation of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant. The initial factory was started in Kegalle, next to the Millennium Elephant Foundation. Under the Peace Paper Plan a new facility was opened early last year in the Rangirigama, Dambulla area that borders on the jungle and is in a FRQLFW KRW VSRW DUHD ZKHUH ZLOG elephants and humans compete. %\ SURYLGLQJ HFRIULHQGO\ alternative work to farming that links the wild elephants to the economy in these areas we hope to change the attitudes and perceptions towards protecting ZLOGOLIH LQ WKH ORQJ UXQ VD\V .LP Good of Import Ants. Maximus won the BBC World Challenge, a global competition for small businesses that have shown (OHSKDQWV Saving Our 7UHHV These days we are all looking for a way to give back without DGGLWLRQDO IXQGV VHHSLQJ RXW RI RXU ZDOOHW 7KDW PHDQV QGLQJ products that we need and would buy otherwise, that make a stand to help our world. Import Ants is a company that is providing us with these alternatives by bringing eco-friendly hand-made paper products to Australia. Australian Lifestyle Magazine