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:DLPDQJX 9ROFDQLF 9DOOH\ Words: Lynn Nicholson New Zealand is a destination that has seen an increase in popularity with its fantastic landscape being exhibited in many blockbuster movies. But beyond the scenery alone lies much, PXFK PRUH )RU PH SHUVRQDOO\ WKLV LV RQH FRXQWU\ GH¿QLWHO\ RQ P\ list of places to visit. Here we look at the Rotorua region. (born 1886) The fascinating geothermal region of Rotorua lies in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand. Just three hours drive south of Auckland, the city of Rotorua KDV ¿YH WLPHV EHHQ YRWHG 1HZ Zealand’s most beautiful city. Added to that, just minutes from its centre are hissing geysers, boiling water, bubbling mud and colorful sinter formations, making it a destination that you should not miss. The region has a strong tradition of welcoming YLVLWRUV EDVHG RQ ¿YH SLOODUV RU spirits - geothermal wonders, soothing thermal waters, a strong Maori cultural identity, fantastic natural resources and a huge range of adventure activities. In short, it is incredibly beautiful and interesting. Australian Lifestyle Magazine