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Therapeutic Contrast Shower. After your shower, turn down the hot water, as low as you can tolerate HYHQWXDOO\ \RX PD\ EH DEOH WR WXUQ LW RII FRPSOHWHO\  &RYHU HYHU\ LQFK of your body with the cold water, including the bottoms of your feet. Focus the cold stream on any achy or painful areas: back, joints, pelvis, etc. Then alternate hot and cold and end with a little cold. Do the cold for about 30 seconds and the hot water for about 1-2 minutes, just long enough for your body to adapt to the new temperature. Repeat 1-3 times, then dry yourself off quickly, rubbing briskly. It is important to feel very warm internally before beginning the cold phase. For a daily hydrotherapy WUHDWPHQW QLVK \RXU KRW PRUQLQJ shower with a blast of cold water. This therapy helps strengthen and normalize the nervous, circulatory, endocrine, musculoskeletal and immune systems, and is excellent for helping the body cope with stress. Alternating between hot and cold stimulates blood circulation DQG O\PSKDWLF RZ 7KH PRUH \RX challenge yourself with cold, the more you will notice these effects, sometimes even a subtle healthy high. There may be times when you feel more sensitive to the cold, in this case you should either decrease the intensity or temporarily discontinue this treatment.Constitutional Hydrotherapy. Perhaps the most powerful and useful of all water treatments, constitutional hydrotherapy is a special technique that can greatly improve recovery from a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses. This treatment is helpful LQ DQ\ FDVH ZKHUH GHWR[LFDWLRQ immune stimulation and digestion enhancement are needed. Take a KRW VKRZHU IRU DW OHDVW YH PLQXWHV Get out and dry quickly. Take a towel wrung out in cold water and wrap it around the trunk of the body, from armpit to groin. Cover entire body with a large wool blanket. Leave cold towel in place for at least 20 minutes, or longer, until the towel is warmed up. Salt Glow. The salt glow, in which the body is rubbed vigorously Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy can be an excellent spring renewal for the body and can easily be done on a dime at home. Water is an excellent temperature medium. It can retain cold and heat in a form that can easily be applied to the body. These temperatures help to aid in WKH GLODWLRQ KHDW DQG FRQVWULFWLRQ FROG RI EORRG YHVVHOV 7KLV FKDQJH LQ WKH EORRG YHVVHOV allows for improved circulation, better waste removal and faster healing. Below are some simple options you can do yourself at home:Words: Tiffany Cruickshank Australian Lifestyle Magazine