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As we travelled further into the Altai Republic, we found ourselves driving through forests of giant pine and silver birch trees, and following the delightfully rocky Katun River. We reached the steppe just as the last light of evening blinked on the horizon, leaving us to settle into out new mountain home in the darkness. The following days were packed with information and new skills: we learned how to identify animals and their signs; PRXQWDLQ VXUYLYDO DQG VFLHQWLF HOG VNLOOV $ W\SLFDO GD\ PLJKW involve searching the mountains for the animals and their signs, looking for snow leopard activity from a mountain observation point XVLQJ HOG VFRSHV RU VXUYH\LQJ the beautiful, pristine valleys. One of the joys of the expedition was the opportunity to assist with interviews of local people, when we were received warmly into the families yurts, and learned about local attitudes towards wildlife. Biospheres ethos is safety, science and satisfaction, because they believe that volunteers work best when they are safe, well )ѕȰݕɕѕ٥)ո$єɅٕͱѡɽ՝Ѐ)ѡɥ䁅ѥєѽ)ѡȁɍ͔Q)䁉́ѡЁݔ՝ЁѡɽͥݕɔаЁѼѥѡɥȁٕɹЁх䁽ѡɹѡɔMɥ́ɥݔͅ܀ SUD\HU ULEERQV XWWHULQJ DERYH sacred springs and heard stories of local beliefs in spirits and shamans. But one of the regions most mysterious inhabitants is UPO\ RI WKH SK\VLFDO SODQH DQG desperately needs our help. Being a part of this expedition is a valuable way to contribute to our understanding of the snow leopard and its environment, and you will be haunted by enthralling memories of the trip long after you return. Biosphere Expeditions Altai expedition runs in June and July LQ  7R QG RXW PRUH JR to Biospheres website, www., and look out for the organisation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and )OLFNU 2IFHV DUH ORFDWHG LQ WKH UK, Germany, France, Australia and North America, and can be contacted by going to www. ERLVSKHUHH[SHGLWLRQVRUJRIFHV . Also look out for their taster days and drinks receptions; details available on the website. Australian Lifestyle Magazine