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visiting and helping with the orangutans in the rescue centre, watching feeding orangutans and helping restore the forest, Cornelia was able to see for herself the vital help and resources the AOP provides to the orangutan species. %HLQJ XS FORVH DQG SHUVRQDO with these highly intelligent and wonderful creatures was a truly remarkable experience. To meet, observe and yes talk to them is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I left my heart and TXLWH D IHZ WHDUV RYHU WKHUH Orangutans are highly intelligent FUHDWXUHV VKDULQJ  RI KXPDQ genetics and being one of our closest relatives. The battle to protect their land and the threat of extinction is a priority to Cornelia and the AOP. Their natural habitat is being destroyed by illegal logging, mining, land clearing, and through illegal pet trading.  RI IRUHVW KDELWDW KDV EHHQ devastated in the past 20 years and is being continuously cleared at an alarming rate. Orangutan Odysseys is an Australian-based tour group established with the aim of saving the orangutan through ecotourism and has raised over $65,000 for orangutan projects to date. The group runs a number of fundraising tours to Borneo and Sumatra each year. :H UPO\ EHOLHYH WKDW ZH can help enact global change by having people see and H[SHULHQFH RUDQJXWDQV UVW hand in their own environment. Cornelia now has the ability to LQXHQFH PDQ\ $XVWUDOLDQV VR that future generations do not lose WKLV PDJQLFHQW VSHFLHV RU WKHLU UHPDLQLQJ KDELWDW VD\V *DUU\ Sundin, Founder of Orangutan Odysseys. Australian Lifestyle Magazine