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impacting the environment. All products are free from substances that are harmful to the skin and WKH HQYLURQPHQW VXFK DV DUWL¿FLDO fragrance, petrochemicals and mineral oil, lanolin and phthalates, soap, sulphates and other dying agents. This ensures mums can be worry free when handling the sensitive skin of a precious little one and the whole family. The WOTNOT tree demonstrates the commonly used ingredients in beauty and baby products that are harmful, and conversely the good ingredients Sinead and Sioned have chosen to include in WOTNOT products. Today the brand has expanded to include a 30+ SPF natural sunscreen with no parabens or nano-particles, a baby lotion and wash, nappy bags, the ever- popular baby wipes and more recently facial wipes for women. ³:27127 EDE\ ZLSHV FRQWLQXH to be our best sellers and most popular, so for us to win awards at the 2010 Organic Expo and Green Show and well as a’ Glosscar’ from Beauty Heaven for ‘Best in Beauty 2011’ in the Mums and Bubs category was a huge pat on the back for our all the hard work ZH¶YH SXW LQWR RXU SURGXFWV´ VDLG Sioned. WOTNOT baby wipes use natural ingredients including vitamin e DQG $XVWUDOLDQ FHUWL¿HG RUJDQLF aloe vera creating less irritation on a bubs bottom while also helping to nourish and protect their fragile skin. 100% biodegradable and compostable, the wipes are also gentle on the environment. New to the collection is WOTNOT’s Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes to gently cleanse, soothe and rehydrate even the most delicate skin types. Enriched with all natural ingredients including Australian FHUWL¿HG DORH YHUD WR OXEULFDWH DQG UHSDLU FHUWL¿HG RUJDQLF VZHHW almond oil to restore the skin and FHUWL¿HG RUJDQLF URVHKLS RLO IRU skin regeneration and moisture re- balancing. With so many natural and nourishing ingredients jam packed into their products it’s no wonder the wipes received a bronze medal at the 2010 Organic Expo. WOTNOT have recently updated their very own natural 30+ SPF natural sunscreen that’s perfect for the whole family including babies. With a combination of all natural ingredients including FHUWL¿HG RUJDQLF DORH YHUD PDNLQJ this the most natural sunscreen found in Australia. The WOTNOT sunscreen has been listed in the recent Friends of the Earth Autumn 2010 ‘Safe Sunscreen Guide’ as one of the safest sunscreens that does not contain the controversial nanotechnology which is associated with many health and environmental issues. It is clear that the philosophy of the founders in creating WOTNOT Naturals stems right through the organisation. Sinead and Sioned are conscious of creating a work environment that is also kind to the environment and ‘reuse and recycle’ is a company policy that runs through to the packaging of products, using recycled paper for printed materials and using recycled woodchip for packaging pallets. It is a testament to both women that in creating a company that is both commercial viable and responsible toward the environment in which it operates, they are also creating a legacy for their children that we must look after ourselves and our earth with great care. Nothing can send a stronger message to our kids than that. Australian Lifestyle