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0DKDWPD *DQGKL RQFH VDLG :H must become the change we want WR VHH DQG ZLWK WKLV TXRWH LQ PLQG thats exactly what two passionate mums set out to do. Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard began their endeavour with the hope of developing a range of natural baby products that cared for the wellbeing of both little ones and the environment they will one day inherit. After the successful launch of WKH PXPV UVW SURGXFW 0ROWH[ HFR QDSS\ WKH UVW RI LWV NLQG LQ $XVWUDOLD  :27127 1DWXUDOV was born and quickly found a place and loyal following within the Australian baby market. $V RXU FXVWRPHUV JUHZ WR ORYH the quality and eco credentials of the Moltex nappy, they asked for complementary products of an equally high standard and ZLWK DOO QDWXUDO LQJUHGLHQWV VDLG 6LQHDG )URP WKHUH ZH VHW RXW to product a range of products that promised to be gentle and therapeutic on a babys delicate skin while also maintaining the eco friendly standard. Listening to our customers to ensure we delivered a high quality product that was equally kind on the earth was our DPELWLRQ WOTNOT Naturals core philosophy is to create products that are 100% wots good and 0% wots not. This key value stemmed from in-depth research on conventional baby products that were found to use harsh synthetic ingredients that failed to contain EHQHFLDO DQG KHDOWK\ LQJUHGLHQWV suited for the needs of a baby. WOTNOT Natural challenges the standard idea of baby goods and developed their own products with the use of only natural, healing and soothing ingredients. The WOTNOT Natural range XVH QDWXUDO DQG FHUWLHG RUJDQLF ingredients that cleanse, moisture and soothe the skin without :27127 Naturals How two mums set out to create a better world for their children and the environment they will live in Australian Lifestyle Magazine