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Weavery Retreats, Workshops and Courses Retreats. Weavery retreats happen two times D \HDU RQFH LQ WKH VXPPHU )HEUXDU\ DQG RQFH LQ WKH VSULQJ 6HSWHPEHU  5HWUHDWV ODVW throughout the weekend, allowing participants to get away from the stresses of daily life and fully immerse themselves in weaving. Weavery retreats allow participants to weave, connect, and practice mindfulness and enjoyment of being in the moment. The retreats, which are held near the surfside beach at Bribie Island, are fully catered and provide accommodation, so all you need to do is show up and be ready to relax, learn, share and weave. Each morning of the retreat begins with energizing yoga sessions. Each meal served is vegetarian, made from delicious and nutritious ingredients. Participants learn to prepare their own delicious, healthy meals through an ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle class with Falu Eyre, a legend in the world of ayurvedic practices. Retreats are suitable for all levels of weavers, from beginner to advanced. Weavers will learn various techniques, such as random weave, twist weave and coil weave as well as their many variations. Weaving will be done ZLWK QDWXUDO ¿EUHV VRPH RI WKHVH ¿EUHV ZLOO be located, harvested, and prepared on-site, as Rene teaches participants how to use their VXUURXQGLQJV WR JDWKHU VXLWDEOH QDWXUDO ¿EUHV for weaving. Participants will learn to make connections and build relationships not only with the people around them, but also with their environmental surroundings. You’ll soon discover that your garden has a wealth of materials waiting to be harvested and woven! Workshops and Courses. Weavery also runs one-day workshops and six-week courses on the Sunshine Coast. Each workshop can EH VSHFLDOO\ WDLORUHG WR ¿W WKH QHHGV RI DQ individual group. In addition, Weavery can come to your location! They give presentations and workshops on-site—perfect for staff development sessions or corporate functions. Those who have attended Weavery retreats and workshops not only gain practical weaving skills, but they also show increased creativity, self-awareness and group consciousness. Weavery teaches how the ancient art of weaving can help you connect with yourself, others, and the environment. Weavery courses aid its participants in creating and passing along positive energies, such as wellbeing, VHOIFRQ¿GHQFH SDVVLRQ DQG SXUSRVH Australian Lifestyle Magazine