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We are so very excited to launch Australian Lifestyle Magazine, successor to parent publication International Lifestyle Magazine The reasons for launching into the Australian market have been clear for some WLPH  $XVWUDOLDQV KDYH D QDWXUDO DIQLW\ for positive lifestyle choices, a love for the outdoors and travel to far corners of the globe, as well as a strong appreciation for our natural resources and environment. With this is mind, we seek to bring the most unusual and inspiring to our readership, highlighting those that are able to forge a path of positivity in an increasingly negative and saturated world. In choosing to embrace travel, health, food, conservation and appreciation for all manner of species living on our planet, we also embrace all that is positive and wonderful in our world. We applaud those that choose to do this in their work, and will be covering the most amazing and unique people and businesses representing these values today. Launching this publication realizes a dream that surrounding yourself with positive LQXHQFHV ZLWK SHRSOH DQG FRPSDQLHV that you admire not admonish, results in a network of like-mindedness, with the ability to spread to others. Welcome to ours. Happy reading, Brianna Power Contact Brianna Power Editor %ULDQQD#DIQLW\PDUNHWLQJFRPDX +612 8034 2550 &RQWULEXWRUV $XVWUDOLDQ 2UDQJXWDQ 3URMHFW (OLVH %\UQH (O\DQH %\HUV .LP *RRG 3DPHOD +D\HV 6DQGL 6FDXQLFK .DUHQ *RXGJH 9LFWRULD -DFNVRQ 7LIIDQ\ &UXLNVKDQN -DQH 2UWRQ /\QQ 1LFKROVRQ WELCOME Australian Lifestyle MagazineAustralian Lifestyle Magazine 7KH $XVWUDOLDQ /LIHVW\OH 0DJD]LQH DQG LWV RIFHUV DFFHSW QR UHVSRQVLELOLW\ IRU WKH DFFXUDF\ RI DGYHUWLVHUV FRS\ WKHLU ZRUN VHUYLFHV RU JRRGV :KLOVW ZH GR RXU EHVW WR HQVXUH FRQWHQW LV FRUUHFW ZH FDQQRW DFFHSW UHVSRQVLELOLW\ IRU DGPLVVLRQV RU HUURUV RU FRS\ULJKW LQIULQJHPHQW ZKHUH PXOWL PHGLD LV FRQFHUQHG $OO PDWHULDOV ZLWKLQ $XVWUDOLDQ /LIHVW\OH 0DJD]LQH DUH WKH SURSHUW\ RI &%/ 0HGLD  $XVWUDOLDQ /LIHVW\OH 0DJD]LQH DQG DQ\ XQDXWKRULVHG UHSURGXFWLRQ ZKHWKHU LQ SDUW RU ZKROH LV VWULFWO\ IRUELGGHQ