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The Sungai experience is complemented by its offerings of impeccable service delivery. From round the clock personnel, your own dedicated chauffer ready to take you anywhere you desire, and VIP airport services ushering you exclusively through check in and immigration. The management of each guests Sungai experience is under the careful and considerate watch of Made, the villa manager who exceeds all expectations and appears just when you need him, seemingly out of thin air. Made and his team arrange all your activity and outing needs, from the more adventurous white water rafting and bicycle tours to reservations DW WKH QHVW UHVWDXUDQWV Rarely are all senses stimulated and nourished by our holiday accommodations and nor in one visit. At Sungai this happens effortlessly, from the visual delight RI WKH WXUTXRLVH JUHHQ LQQLW\ pools perched at the edge of the overhanging canopy rainforest, to the fragrant smell of native tuberoses that waft in and around the villas all day and night. Ears tune in delight to the sounds of the Balinese tropical rainforest, from chirping cicadas and geckos to local farm animals gently crowing in the distance. Even the most epicurean tastes are delighted with mouth watering creations to rival that of any hatted establishment, whilst the sense of touch is enhanced and revitalized through the traditional Balinese healing and therapeutic offerings. It is impossible to put the complete and overwhelming serene peace and calm down to any one element, but as each part of the Sungai experience combines to stimulate our whole being it results in a feeling of warmth and utter contentment. Australian Lifestyle Magazine Fact File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