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The Spa Travel Collection of uniquely chosen spa resorts and health retreats are reviewed annually, giving reassurance to clients that quality will never be compromised when selecting a destination. The experience of travel to a spa resort or health retreat allows you to unwind, relax and rejuvenate yourself YH[HوX]Y[[[\\\Y\ˈH\[\[[\[[[\[X][ۜHH][^\Y[H[[\]\[\[ۜ[\ۙ\و[\HZ[[H[H܈[\[Y][ۜ]\Hٝ[[ܜܘ]Y][HHY[K[Y[ H\[YKH][\[\YH\\[ۈ[\X܈][ [\H[Y][ۋH\^H\[HH[[H[X[^X\\[ܛHY[\\[Y[Y\[YY LQ WKH EHQHWV RI VSD WUHDWPHQWV practices and therapies. , HVWDEOLVKHG 6SD 7UDYHO DIWHU researching and discovering properties that were offering yoga or activities, body treatments, a consciousness for wholesome food and were located in interesting GHVWLQDWLRQV VWDWHG *RXGJH 7KRXJK , QRZ UHVLGH LQ %DUZRQ Heads in Victoria, I still practice PHGLWDWLRQ DQG \RJD DQG QG great pleasure in researching and creating spa travel packages that give people the opportunity to experience the amazing world of KHDOWK VSD DQG WUDYHO The Spa Travel Collection 2012 features remarkable spa resorts and health retreats located throughout Asia. These stunning destinations range from the Philippines, Bali, Sri Lanka and Thailand and have been carefully selected by the Spa Travel team due to their exception quality and services on offer. The spa resorts include: The Amanpulo located in the Pamalican Islands, Philippines, offers a tranquil sanctuary where relaxation and wellness go hand Australian Lifestyle Magazine