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Australian Lifestyle MagazineBackground:Rosi arrived at the BOSF Central Kalimantan Orangutan Reintroduction Center at Nyaru Menteng on August 5, 2010, having EHHQ VXUUHQGHUHG WR WKH ,QGRQHVLDQ :LOGOLIH 6HUYLFH %.6'$ E\ the villagers of Desa Parenggean, Central Kalimantan. The agency had received information from local people that the young orangutan had been in the hands of villagers for several months. According to information provided by the villagers, Rosi was found on the side of the road, alone, her mother no where to be found. At the time, she was around 11 months old and weighed a mere 3.5 kilograms. Rosi was intitially placed in the Nyaru Menteng Nursery in the babies group, but has now moved to the large group, a move that was made as she grew stronger, her body weight improved and her self- FRQGHQFH JUHZ 1RZ DW WKH DJH RI  \HDUV 5RVL ZHLJKV  NLORJUDPV D VLJQLFDQWO\ SRVLWLYH VLJQ IRU D QHZFRPHU WKDW KDG EHHQ found in such a pitiful condition. $V D QHZFRPHU 5RVL ZDV RI FRXUVH VSRLOHG E\ KHU EDE\VLWWHUV DQG became very attached, wanting to be carried and hugged constantly. This was important for Rosis development, considering that she had been separated from her mother at such an early age. As young orangutans stay attached to their mothers for an average of six years, it was important for Rosi, and all the rescued babies, to receive the warm hugs and attention of the babysitters. Since being moved to the large group in the Nursery, Rosi has become exceptionally close to Putat, another newcomer to Nyaru Menteng. 7KH WZR KDYH EHFRPH VRXOPDWHV RI D VRUW DOZD\V VHHNLQJ HDFK others company and insisting on being together in all the groups DFWLYLWLHV ,I \RX ZDQW WR QG 5RVL WKH FDUHWDNHUV VD\ ORRN IRU 3XWDW and vice versa. Though she has a long way to go through the rehabilitation process at Nyaru menteng, which will require years of training in survival skills, Rosi now has a future that matches her namea real opportunity to return to the forest home that is her natural habitat. She now is learning to climb trees and swing from branch to branch, skills her mother would have taught her but now she must learn from her babysitters at Nyaru Menteng. 0HHW ROSI Rehabilitation Center : Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan Date of Arrival : August 5, 2010 Age on Arrival : 11-12 Months Current Age : 1-1.5 Years Sex : Female Weight on Arrival : 3.5 kilograms &XUUHQW :HLJKW   NLORJUDPV 3UHYLRXV /RFDWLRQ  1XUVHU\ %DE\ JURXS &XUUHQW /RFDWLRQ  1XUVHU\ /DUJH JURXS Physical Condition : Healthy Simply enter adoption and the month you adopted into the discount box during checkout (eg. adoption december). Purchase something from our shop at and receive 10% off. ox 10%ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooff.Receive10% off