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date back to between 5000 and 4000 BC. Later, they began to hand cut stone and marble using a mosaic hammer and hardy to FUHDWH WHVVHUDH PRVDLF VWRQHV  The same tools are still used today. However, it was the Romans who absorbed this technique and transformed it into an extravagant art form. Be it in the creation of PDMHVWLF ÀRRUV LQ YLOODV RU LPSHULDO palaces and baths, the strong relationship between mosaic and architecture was always taken into consideration. The subjects were historical, mythological, geometric, and decorative, using natural materials, and occasionally glass and ceramics, which were held together with lime mortar, sand, marble dust, or terracotta particles. In the 20th Century, artists such as Antoni Gaudi, Gustav Klimt, and Gino Severini revitalized mosaic art in response to modernisation. Mosaic Republic continues to UHGH¿QH WKLV DQFLHQW FUDIW WKURXJK the use of movement, texture, DQG FRORXU :LWK RQH IRRW ¿UPO\ rooted to tradition, and the other to the here and now, Scaunich has succeeded in adapting the ancient art form to modern culture for generations ahead to appreciate. Mosaic Republic custom designs mosaics in a wide range of tasteful styles, and collaborates closely with interior designers and architects to achieve truly unique solutions. Mosaics are suited to interiors and exteriors, as well as large public spaces. They are water-resistant and highly durable, maintaining their vibrant colour even under Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Due to the detailed construction method used, many ancient mosaics are still being discovered today which are practically in the same condition they were 2000 years ago. Mosaic Republic is an inspirational business thanks to Scaunich’s great passion for his art and its origins. For more information on Mosaic Republic please visit Australian Lifestyle Magazine