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Over the three-year course, Scaunich studied various mosaic techniques, including Greco-Roman and Byzantine reproduction, classic, modern, experimental and terrazzo ÀRRULQJ +H DOVR XQGHUWRRN various theoretical and practical subjects such as art history and free-hand drawing. ³2XU żQDO PRVDLF SURMHFW ZDV DQ examination, and a competition for a scholarship prize which is granted each year by the local region. I had one week to complete a piece of my choice, and experimentation was strongly HQFRXUDJHG´ As Scaunich is drawn to portraiture as well as texture, he decided to combine the two. The result was ‘Bearded Man’, a wall mosaic that ZHQW RQ WR ZLQ żUVW SUL]H DQG LV currently on exhibition in Italy. His artworks are carefully crafted with the durability to survive several lifetimes using techniques based on those used by the Ancient Romans. ³0\ FUDIW ÀLHV DJDLQVW WKH disposable society mentality, whereby the works I make are intended to last forever and QRW HQG XS LQ ODQGżOO DIWHU D IHZ years, unlike many of the cheap throwaway options available these GD\V´ VD\V 6FDXQLFK Scaunich’s commitment to creating sustainable art is evident in his preference for natural and recycled materials, such as marble, pebbles, stones, bricks, terracotta, ceramics, glass, plastics, metals, and even engine parts. ³7KURXJK P\ RZQ FRPPLWPHQW WR producing a sustainable art form, I like to use recycled and natural materials in my works. The options UHDOO\ DUH OLPLWOHVV´ KH VD\V Historically-speaking, mosaics were ‘invented’ by the ancient Greeks, who used river pebbles to pave courtyards and streets in uniform colours, or to create simple geometric patterns similar to motifs found on carpets. The earliest were crafted in Crete and Australian Lifestyle Magazine