International Focus Magazine Vol. 4, #1 - Page 54

the last word Publisher’s Note if IF I were asked, “What do I love about Houston? As the publisher of the International Focus (iF) Magazine, my an- swer would be, without ques- tion, its diversity. As a native Houstonian, I’ve had the priv- ilege of observing decades of Houston’s transformation into a remarkable me- tropolis of immigrants from all nationalities, cul- tures and communities. And I’ve watched and admired Houston’s forward-thinking leadership who have dealt with challenging social and cul- tural issues by taking bold stances ending with positive results. some of the world’s most coveted business conferences and high-level sports events. The citizens of Houston are extremely fortunate to have this great leader as Mayor of the 4th largest (soon to be 3rd) city in the nation! The City of Houston has become an economic engine helping to drive the U.S. economy in several areas attracting international business- es, professionals, students, and families to make Houston their home. Nations from around the globe — Federations and Republics alike — are posting their Consulates and Diplomats here. Houston now boasts of having the third largest Consular Corp in the Nation and growing. iF Magazine has interviewed and put on its cover many of its outstanding diplomats. As we approach our third year of publication in 2019, we can only imagine the possibility for enormous growth that the City of Hous- ton could experience due to its extraordinary diversity! The International Focus Magazine, a monthly publication, will promote and cover all of Houston’s International communities. Our focus is on international business, culture and lifestyle as it relates to the greater Houston area and we look forward to your readership. IF Magazine has been a ground-breaker with a key global platform for some of today’s rising stars in International affairs, analysis and commentary. As always, thank you for your readership! Val Thompson Publisher & CEO Val Which brings me to our cover page with the Mayor of Houston, The Honorable Sylvester Turner, who has been an exceptional leader for the City of Houston for all things international. He has hosted heads of state and their delega- tions from around the globe. He has attracted 54 iF Magazine | January 2019