International Focus Magazine Vol. 4, #1 - Page 50

ties, etc. You can not allow politics to get in the way. There is no Demo- cratic or Republican pothole when the rain falls. You have to work with everybody. HeidiPP: My last question would be: what would you like to say to people who are thinking about com- ing to Houston or investing in Hous- ton? Mayor Turner: Is there any other place? Houston is very resourceful. It is the most diverse city in the United States today. There are reasons for that. • One in four Houstonians is foreign-born • It is the energy capital of the World • We have the largest medical complex in the world • The largest children’s hospital • The largest free-standing cancer research hospital • Houston has the number one port in terms of foreign import-export • In this city, you can travel around the world and not leave this space. In no other city on the face of the earth can you say that We are fortunate when it comes to affordability. A 2,000 square foot home is about $250,000. Houston has culture, languages, religions, fine dining … it is a little chic and a little country. We are a young city and still growing. 50 iF Magazine | January 2019