International Focus Magazine Vol. 4, #1 - Page 48

novation there. The two go hand in hand. There are culture and student exchange opportunities. When you are talking about the fastest growing economy in the world and a country of 1.2 billion people, I think there are many areas where we can partner and benefit each other. HeidiPP: True, the exchange is mu- tually beneficial. There is so much we can learn from them — and them, from us. the solution. You can be on the out- side looking in, or you can be on the inside working from within to make a change. But my advice to people is to get involved and to participate from wherever they are. You do not have to be Mayor. You don’t even have to be a council member to be effective. You can be a community sion. It was my first time in India. We worked to enhance the relationship between the two communities. We are a significant trade partner for In- dia and there is a significant Indian population in Houston. More than 82,000 Houstonians were born in India, and another 200,000 are of In- dian descent. They are a vibrant com- Mayor Turner: Yes. And you know, we are pushing for a direct flight. Did you know there are no direct flights from Houston to New Delhi or Mumbai? You go to Newark and over to India. Or you go to Istan- bul and over to India. Or you go to Frankfurt, Germany and over to In- dia. That is a 24- to 25-hour trip. A direct flight would help to enhance the relationship between the two countries by shortening the travel time between us. ‘‘ One thing about mayors is we have to be results oriented. … You can not allow politics to get in the way. There is no Democratic or Republican pothole when the rain falls.” leader, a community organizer, or a neighborhood helper. From wher- ever you sit, you can effect change. HeidiPP: You have hosted many missions representing Houston abroad, I heard that you just recently returned from a trade mission in In- dia. What was it that you and your team did during this trade mission? Mayor Turner: It was a group of 35 people on a business and trade mis- 48 iF Magazine | January 2019 munity within the City of Houston. India has the fastest growing econo- my in the world. They consume a lot of energy and the U.S. is a principal exporter of energy. With India as a consumer, the two go hand in hand. So that was one area. There was syn- ergy there. Also, there are doctors and researchers. That was another area of interest. Then there are scholars, tech- nology, and innovation. We are creat- ing technology and innovation here. They are creating technology and in- HeidiPP: In 2018 you also traveled to Argentina, Chile, and Peru. What are your thoughts on Central and South America? Mayor Turner: You know Houston is like the “Gateway to the Americas”. It just makes a lot of sense to be fo- cused on Central and South America. HeidiPP: So when was the mission to China?