International Focus Magazine Vol. 4, #1 - Page 43

The Directorate of Fisheries set up an IUU office and built a fishery database system, which is an important step for the better management of offshore fishing activities. Last year, VASEP proposed a series of legal recommen- dations and suitable actions to the Ministry of Agricul- ture and Rural Development and other related agencies. Nguyen Thi Thu Sac, Vice President of VASEP, presented learned lessons from other nations that successfully re- moved a “yellow card” or “red card”, suggesting that Vietnamese enterprises and fishermen should effectively implement the recommendations from the EC to remove the “yellow card” by making full use of all resources avail- able. In the meantime, Vietnamese enterprises and fisher- men should ask for the government’s funding to invest in machinery and equipment to prevent illegal fishing. INITIAL POSITIVE SIGNS During the inspection from May 16 - 24, the EC delega- tion had a positive evaluation, especially recognizing the determination and efforts by of the Government, Minis- try of Agriculture and Rural Development and seafood enterprises against IUU fishing. From October 28 to November 2, a delegation from the European Parliament (EP)’s Committee on Fisher- ies (led by its spokesman Mato Gabriel) visited Hanoi and Vietnamese coastal provinces, to look into Vietnam’s efforts in fighting IUU fishing. EP recognised Vietnam’s political efforts in the commitment to tackle IUU fish- eries and underlined that Vietnam should devote enough human and financial resources for this purpose. In this context, the delegation underlined the importance of the EU-Vietnam FTA that clearly provides for cooperation between both sides in the fight against IUU fishing un- der its Trade Sustainable Development Chapter. The EP Members expressed its appreciation for the open and frank exchanges with their counterparts and the constructive cooperation. A number of significant im- provements of the Vietnamese fisheries legislation could undoubtedly boost Vietnam’s ability to tackle and deter IUU fishing activities in its waters. iF Magazine | 43