International Focus Magazine Vol. 4, #1 - Page 25

Above: Mayor Turner opens the U.S. Pavilion at Gastech and promoted Houston as the next host city Above: Convention floor at Gastech 2018 and an ad promoting Houston as the next host city. Gastech draws together more than 450 speakers, 3,500 delegates and more than 30,000 attendees who visit more than 700 international exhibitors. Economic Opportunity for the Region An important part of any city leader’s job is promoting the city. As a major U.S. city, Houston competes on the world stage for foreign direct investment, tourist dollars, ma- jor conventions, and sporting events. The mayor serves as a champion for the city, investing time and energy to keep Houston visible and keep us top of mind when world leaders, corporate heads, and other key decisions makers are deciding where to expand operations, invest resources, or even send world-class exhibitions or performances. Additionally, trade missions often result in many thousands of dollars in earned media value as a result of numerous press interviews with the mayor and mission leadership, conducted abroad, designed to promote opportunities in Houston. World Petroleum Congress - Bahrain Since taking office, Mayor Turner has represented Houston abroad for the purpose of bringing major confer- ences to our city and promoting in- creased trade and investment. Mayor Turner attended the World Petro- leum Congress (WPC) meeting in Bahrain in December 2016 to secure the bid for Houston to host WPC 2020. Mayor Turner skillfully lob- bied voting delegates and formally presented the closing argument for why Houston is the ideal host city for the conference. Under the lead- ership of Mayor Turner and Houston First, and with the support of the local bid committee and Houston’s friends around the world, Houston won the bid. The conference, slated for December 2020, is expected to have an economic impact of $80 mil- lion $100 million and draw 15,000 attendees. China In December 2017, Mayor Turner led Houston’s largest international trade delegation, consisting of ap- proximately 70 members, to China. Chinese leaders told the mayor they are eager to expand business deal- ings with Houston companies and institutions in the fields of health care, energy, engineering, education, finance, aeronautics and other key ar- iF Magazine | 23 25