International Focus Magazine Vol. 4, #1 - Page 19

UNA-USA at Capitol in Washington DC - “Day on the Hill” UNA-USA at Capitol in Washington DC- “Day on the Hill”. UNA-HOUSTON CHAPTER G7 Award: Mr. Val Thompson, President, HITDC, presenting to Award: Hon. Teta V. Val Banks, UNA-Houston G7 Mr. Thompson, President, HIDC) presenting to Ho UNA-Houston. The Houston Chapter, established in 1954, is one of the oldest and largest of the chapters throughout the United States. It encourages individuals to make a global impact at the local level, with the motto “Think globally, act locally”. Its educa- tional and humanitarian programs focus on supporting the national initiatives, as well as local initiatives including teach- ing students about international affairs through Model UN/Global Classrooms programs, clearing minefields in formerly worn-torn nations, building schools and water wells in deprived areas, providing immunization for children, educating the public about the United Nations, developing cultural understanding through our cultural dinners and “Dialogue with Diplomats” programs, and teaching conflict resolution. UNA Houston Chapter’s annual events include the UN Day Gala, International Women’s Day, Human Rights Day, World Refu- gee Day, and Houston Citizenship Month. In addition, its advocacy programs include direct meetings to discuss issues and actions with city, state and federal officials. The UNA-Houston Chapter has been the recipient of several local and national awards for its programs, including the “G7 Outstanding Non-Profit Organization Award” by the Houston International Development Corporation, and the “UNA-USA Communications Award.” UNA-Houston is expanding its programs and outreach as we provide citizen action to ensure hu- man rights. Houston Citizenship Month Logo Houston Citizenship Month Logo Houston Citizenship Month Logo iF Magazine | 19