International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 9

the first word I It is a great honor to usher in the new year with our in- ternational com- munity of leaders, pioneers and busi- ness giants. As the appointed Direc- tor of Marketing and Sales for Inter- national Focus (iF) Magazine, I pledge to continue the enrichment of diversity and culture in our city. The mission of iF Magazine since its incep- tion has been to build and cultivate creativity and innovation while illuminating the unique strengths and resourcefulness from citizens all over the world. Collectively we possess the vi- sion and vigor to reach our greatest potential. Working together with iF Magazine means to me that we are focused on the betterment of economic development, diplomacy and social outreach. My background resides in branding and tech- nology. I am also an entrepreneur and owner of several companies. I bring a wealth of experi- ence in visual communications, online strategies and solutions. My work also has won several prestigious design awards. Importantly, however, I love what I do and I feel fortunate that I am serving my call. This year I’ll join iF Magazine. My contribu- tion will be to help our readers, supporters and followers build strategic relationships and op- portunities using our online solutions and social platforms. Whether it’s local or abroad, our digi- tal mediums will be available to bring the world a little closer. As the international community grows and evolves, iF Magazine will bring you the latest news and insightful interviews, right at your finger tips. Heading into 2018 with excitement and antici- pation, I look forward to connecting with you. Let’s progress together. Happy New Year! Vivienne Kwon Director of Marketing and Sales Vivienne iF Magazine | 9