International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 45

that it is green, clean, safe, and com- paring to Russia and Ukraine, it has excellent roads. The territory of Be- larus is 40% forests, which symbol- izes the green strip in the Belarusian flag. The largest and oldest forest of Europe with the largest animal pop- ulation in Europe is situated in Be- larus. We are talking here about the Bialowieza Forest on the border with Poland, and the animal is European Bison. European Bisons. Bulbaland. Belarusians are very fond of potatoes; most national dishes include this most important for the locals’ ingre- dient. In Belarus, there are more than 300 dishes from potatoes (“bulba”). The largest dump truck in the world is produced in Belarus. BelAZ-75710 weighs 360 tons, the height of its wheels is 4 meters, and if someone wants to buy such a car, it will cost you about $10 million!Belaz, Largest dump truck in the world. If you look closely there is much to see and do in this landlocked country that counts Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and the Ukraine as neighbors. As over 40% of the country is forest, ex- pect lush vegetation and picturesque countryside, as well as an abundance of local wildlife including rare Euro- pean bison. You can take a trip back in time at the numerous forts and castles in Belarus, as well as keeping up with the more modern side of things in the buzzing capital city of Minsk. Wherever you go in Belarus, you will be delighted to see a mix- ture of old and new! iF Magazine | www.iFMag 45