International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 42

confectionery sweets, linen, machin- ery like tractors, potatoes, invest- ments and are known for the potash also. The largest trading partnering country is Russia, the second largest, Germany; then Poland is there, the Ukraine, and Baltic Island countries The Netherlands is a reasonable trad- ing partner for Belarus. Slowly more people are learning it and wanting to do business with Belarus. There’s a high-class system over there where offices are clean, people are nice though language is a problem. It is very disciplined like Germany. The banking system is a good banking system. If you transfer money there then you don’t have to worry about someone taking 10% of the business. Belarus has been known for their ag- riculture for some time now, though it is changing with modern advances. The system right now brings pros- perity to Belarus. Q: That brings me to the big picture issues. What are some of those facing Belarus today? A: I believe it is the misconception. It is difficult because the question is always: ‘Where is Belarus?’ It is locat- ed between Russia and Poland. The Belarusian people are as independent as possible. Belarus is a very safe and organized country. People are dressed well, and you do not see homeless in the streets. If you travel form the airport to Minsk, then you will see how good the roads are. One-third of the population was killed by the Nazis. Every little town or village has a memorial for that time. It suffered a lot during the war being where the crossroads are between Poland, Ger- many, and Russia. Slowly but surely the USSR state of mind is being changed, it seems, by the younger generations. Joint ventures with cor- porations like high-tech industries, and heavy machinery are getting done. High-tech called the Great 42 iF Magazine | January 2018 Stone is partly owned by Chinese’s and Belarus governments. It is a new platform for high-tech export-ori- ented and innovative manufacturing, as well as a key logistics and transport hub on the fastest growing trade cor- ridor in the world, running overland from Asia to Europe. The industrial park is the core of a deal between the Belarusian government and China, which has been bu