International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 39

After moving to Houston training has be- come easier for them. The Alliance Fenc- ing Academy is where they train under the Women’s FA National Fencing Coach. They mentioned during the preparations for the London Olympics they would drive the three to four hour commute from San Anto- nio to Houston to train at the Alliance Fenc- ing Academy. Kelley said, “It really helps for everything to be centralized so we can dedi- cate more energy to training and not worry about travelling.” Travelling is a huge logisti- cal issue for fencers with all their gear and arranging hotels when they go around the world to compete. Japan is something they are really looking forward to and after asking them what their expectations were both of their eyes lit up with excitement. Kelley especially has always wanted to go to Japan, making them even more determined. They both told me how they had been all through Europe and China but had never visited Japan. The main reason being is that Japan does not have a designated fencing world cup. As the games approach and the training difficulty increases, they recently signed an endorsement deal with a compres- sion clothing company called Newzill. I was curious on how it started and when I asked they answered jovially saying, “They are tak- ing such good care of us and building their product around us. No one has ever wanted to do that with us before. Also we love the different styles!” It seemed to have started out as a casual thing but Newzill contacted them wanting to get more and more involved. Kelley and Courtney Hurley have an un- breakable resolve to work the hardest they can moving forward to the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020. Their approach and style to daily life and training will prove to bring home even more medals for the United States. Interviewed and written by Chales Padgett iF Magazine | 39