International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 37

Kelley & Courtney Kelley and Courtney Hurley are two incredibly talented Olympic fencers who have represented the United States since the London Olympics. They are now charging forward with preparations for the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020. I asked them a se- ries of questions regarding plans and preparations, family, and fencing in general. Following the Rio Olym- pics Kelley Hurley was not sure if she was going to continue fencing. She said, “For the longest time I thought Rio would be my last one.” She changed her mind right on arrival to the Houston airport when report- ers approached them asking if she was going to retire. Kelley decided confidently that she would not retire and became even more determined to tackle the Tokyo Olympics with ferocity. She says, “There is still a lot that Courtney and I can do so I am not ready to give up yet and we are going to put our hearts and souls into it.” They then told me two months ago they bought a house to reaffirm their commitment to fencing. Decid- ing to change their training regiment from the previous Olympic games, Courtney explained, “We want to add more diversity, work on differ- ent things that we had not worked on before Rio, and approach it with a different strategy.” They are looking to switch up their approach to train- ing and experiment with new ideas in order to get the best results. ing together the sisters were incred- ibly competitive with one another. It was not until they both began fenc- ing together at Notre Dame that the rivalry put aside. It became a team ef- fort. Courtney said, “it does not mat- ter who wins because if either one of us does, it’s a win for team Hurley.” Fencing is considered a very solitary sport because of the way the point system is setup. You want everyone else to do badly so your chance of placing highest increases. Kelley stated that, “without the support of We then discussed what the dy- someone who truly wants you to namic was like training with a sib- win and our family, I’m not sure how ling. Kelley answered, “It’s all we’ve long I could have done this.” The ever done. Every sport I would do family support helps with the men- courtney would too. Our family has tal aspect of the sport, knowing you always focused on athletics or getting have a support group helps in the us involved in some kind of sport.” long run. It was evident how the sis- Their parents, being former fenc- ters found strength in each other and ers themselves, convinced the sisters used this to consistently perform on that it was more natural as it involved a high level. The dynamic is fun and the entire family. Growing up fenc- focused. iF Magazine | 37