International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 30

food review Tempura HALAL INDO-PAK GRILL Typically, tempura is a classical Portuguese dish brought to and popular- ized by Japan. It consists of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. For this review, we are focusing on a restaurant that has branded that name in the community quite well since 2009. It all started with a small catering company at home. The reputation of cater- ing led to a small flagship restaurant where we sat for this tasting. Since that time, it has spread to other parts of Houston. My daughter, Ava Kennedy, joined us in the tast- ing along with Munazza, the daughter of the owner and “Man of this World,” Asrar Saeed. The Pakistani community has been like fam- ily to me since the start of my international career. They are an independent culture 30 iF Magazine | January 2018 and I’ve been a pretty in- dependent woman who works with many diverse organizations. The Mughals, the Persians and Turks have all contributed to the creation of what we call Pakistani food. Pakistani cuisine has evolved through hundreds of years of dedicated fusion. From the majestic peaks of our mountain ranges to the abundant waters of the Arabian Sea, their country has a rich geographical diversity and a wealth of natural resources. With four clear seasons and summer monsoons, there is no shortage of the natural ingredients for their recipes. The first dishes brought to us from the chef were he soft & tender Chicken Malai boti, biryani, and freshly made Tandoori naan straight from the clay pits! These were ac- companied by curries handmade dips made with goat milk and a popular spicy red sauce called Tempura sauce.