International Focus Magazine Vol. 3, #1 - Page 25

phans (and special needs children) in Russia for 15 years, said, “My first trip to Russia was in 2000, and I have now been to Russia 20 times. I love America, and I also love Rus- sia. I feel at home in Russia and can’t wait to return there for my next visit in December. I find the people to be friendly. I have seen Russia make many advances in the quality of care provided to orphans over the years. In the past two years, Russia began providing more care and opportuni- ties for special needs children. I am honored and blessed to be able to work with the children in Russia.” The third one is Gene Burd, the Russian immigrant, who has been helping and supporting the Russian- American Association of the WWII veterans for a decade. He has been doing it since he is thankful to them for their courage from1941 to1945. This was our third annual event. We honor not only the best of the best ones in Houston, but also those who live in different states of the USA. Among our honorees George Ab- bey, Former Director of NASA and currently the Senior Fellow in Space Policy at the Baker Institute; Dr. Alex Ignatiev, Director of the Uni- versity of Houston Center for Ad- vanced Materials and the Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen, Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Electri- cal and Computing Engineering; Dr. Michael Kolonin, pioneering works linking adipose tissue, stem cells, and cancer; Daniel Russell, President and CEO, U.S.-Russia Business Coun- cil (Washington DC), Alexander Prokhorov, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, the University of Texas MD Ander- son, and Rosita Kirkman, President of Houston Balalaika Orchestra So- ciety. This event was in November when our city celebrates the Citizenship month. My idea was supported by the Prince Piotr Galitzine, TMK CEO, Outstanding Russian Ameri- can of the Year, Chairman, the Con- sulate of Russia in Houston, the St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church in Houston and many others. Our event is a tribute to those distin- guished Russian-American individ- uals whose work has had a tremen- dous positive effect, not only on the United States’ economy, science, art, and trade, but also on the Russian- American community in Houston. The honorees were chosen for being outstanding Russian-American lead- ers who have held distinguished ca- reers in different fields and exemplify a strong commitment to the Ameri- can society, life, and dream. Our life and the lives of all Americans have been touched in some way by these leaders’ work and accomplishments. Sonia Tabarovsky Kindness without Limits Radio in Russian in Houston since 1993 A NEW LOOK. A NEW EXPERIENCE. Overlooking a marina in League City, Texas • Halfway between Houston and Galveston 25,000 square feet of flexible gathering spaces • The Oasis Pool: Renovated 185-foot resort pool with swim-up bar 240 newly renovated guest rooms and suites • 130,000-square-foot fitness center and spa • Nearby golf courses 2 5 0 0 S O U T H S H O R E B O U L E VA R D S S H R . CO M | 2 8 1 . 3 3 4 . 1 0 0 0 iF Magazine | 25