International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 8

STAT ZONE Japanese made motorcycle exports to Europe -4.64 in 2018 The latest data released by JAMA (the automotive trade association in Japan, which includes representation of motorcycle manufacturers among its membership) shows exports of Japanese made motorcycles to Europe down by -4.64 percent in 2018 (199,129 units), but with growth seen in the final quarter. Exports of Japanese made motorcycles to USA for 2018 were +5.53 percent, despite the total U.S. motorcycle market being nearly -10 percent down in 2018. Total Japanese factory manufactured motorcycle exports worldwide were -2.13 percent for the year at 354,839 units. Total PTW exports to Europe (motorcycles, scooters and mopeds combined) were -3.20 percent for 2018 (217,575 units), +5.57 percent in the USA for the year (118,678 units) and worldwide were +1.37 percent for the year (456,758 units). The increasing number of units being made by Japanese manufacturers elsewhere in Asia, the US and South/Central America goes some way to providing historical context for the data, though the majority of higher value larger displacement Japanese brand machines, especially those being sold in Europe, are still made in Japan. Their overseas factories are primarily engaged in making and selling scooters and smaller capacity units in 'emerging' markets (where import tariffs are high) and in making ATV/UTV units, especially in the United States where demand for such machines is strongest. Japanese made motorcycle and moped (all PTW) exports fell off a cliff in 2009 to 583,879 from over 1m in 2008 and have continued to decline most years since then (463,123 units in 2017); they peaked at 1,641m units in 2000. Italy: motorcycles and scooters +12.73% in 2018* Italian registrations 2018 250,000 2017 +7.35% 2018 200,000 150,000 TOTAL L PT PTW 50,000 +12.73% 100,000 percent for 2018 (126,465 units), with the top sellers being Honda’s SH 150/300/125 range selling 29,034 units between them YTD, followed by Piaggio’s Beverly 300 ABS (8,291 units) and Liberty 125 ABS (5,966 units). The top selling motorcycle in Italy continues to be the BMW R 1200 GS, followed by Honda’s ‘Africa Twin’ (3,223 YTD), the Yamaha ‘Tracer’ 900, the R 1200 GS Adventure and the Benelli TRK 502/X (2,101 units). *As with other of Europe’s markets, while the unit numbers make good reading, some caution needs to be used when judging the apparent year-on-year percentage market growth because of the several thousands of pre-registered Euro 3 models registered in late 2016 that were actually sold ‘as new’ by dealers in early 2017 – meaning that the real numbers for 2017 were higher than officially recorded. The latest data released by ANCMA, the motorcycle industry trade association in Italy, shows the Italian motorcycle and scooter market continuing to grow. New motorcycle registrations are reported as being +95.40 percent in December (!) at 3,613 units, having been +21.99 percent in November (3,806 units). At +12.73 percent for the full year 2018 (92,991 units), this has been the strongest annual market performance in Italy for a decade. In total PTW terms, the Italian market is reported as having been +52.91 percent in December (7,289 units) and +10.88 percent (9,344 units) in November. On an annual basis the Italian market is reported to be running at +7.35 percent in total PTW registration terms for 2018 (219,465 units) - the strongest annual market performance in Italy since 2011. Scooter registrations were +7.35 MOTORCYCLE Poland 2018: new motorcycles -3.38 percent The latest data from the motorcycle industry trade association in Poland (PZPM) shows new motorcycle registration at -3.38 percent (14,524 units) for 2018 with some signs of the modest growth seen in the summer sustaining in the final quarter. New moped sales are reported heavily down at -44.51 percent (16,447 units), with overall 8 total new PTW registrations at -30.67 percent (30,971 units) for the year. However, new model registrations are only ever part of the story where the Polish market is concerned. Poland is an important market for pre- owned vehicles (from elsewhere in Europe) that are receiving their first domestic Polish registration; these INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 machines provide valuable service, maintenance and PG&A income for Poland’s franchised and independent motorcycle shops and the vendors they buy from. When the used motorcycles receiving their first registration in Poland are factored in, the total number of new and used motorcycles sold was +6.99 percent in 2018 (75,687 units) - the market having seen growth for 10 out of the 12 months of 2018. New and used mopeds combined were -34.10 percent for the year (25,471 units), with total overall new and used PTW registrations at -7.53 percent for the year (101,158 units) retaining Poland’s position as Europe’s 6th largest market.