International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 7

STAT ZONE UK full year motorcycle registrations +2.90 UK registrations 2018 2018 2017 120,000 +0.49% +2.90% 60,000 90,000 market bucked the trend by finishing 2018 slightly ahead of 2017, as more people took advantage of motorcycles and scooters to beat congestion on their daily commute, improve air quality and enjoy their journeys”. The organisation is hopeful that growth will continue in 2019, saying it believes that “increased consideration of PTWs and other Powered Light Vehicles within Government transport and road planning would tempt many drivers away from their single-occupancy cars, especially where walking, cycling and public transport are not viable alternatives”. The small UK moped market declined by -29.75 percent in 2018 (5,418 units), with total PTW registrations slightly up for the year at +0.49 (105,169 units). The latest data from the MCIA (the Motorcycle Industry Association) shows motorcycle registrations for 2018 in the UK at -3.88 percent (4,736 units) for December, having been -1.00 percent in November (5,668 units) and finishing 2018 at +2.90 percent at 99,751 units. This is an increase compared to 96,943 units in 2017, but a decrease from the recent market high of 118,976 units in 2016. Although the 2016 high was artificially inflated by registration of pre-Euro 4 inventory, the market is yet to return to the more realistic total of 104,815 in 2015 and is still -4.83 percent down from this level. The MCIA has reflected on 2018, saying “in a year that has seen turbulence across several retail sectors, the Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) 30,000 TOTAL PTW MOTORCYCLE Austria 2018: motorcycles +8.79 percent The latest data released by the motorcycle trade association in A u s t r i a (A r g e 2 R a d ) s h o w s registrations of new motorcycles up by +39.73 percent on low volumes, having been down by -2.74 percent for Q3 at 3,088 units. The Austrian motorcycle market was +8.79 percent for the year at 13,965 units. Total PTW registrations were down by -24.70 percent for Q4 (3,110 units), having been -5.45 percent for Q3 (11,615 units) and are -6.39 percent for the full year (38,142). In its home market KTM is motorcycle market share leader, having sold 3,279 units for a 23.48 percent market share. BMW is second (1,617 units sold/11.58 percent share), Honda third (1,548 units/11.08 percent share), followed by Yamaha (1,513 units) and Harley-Davidson (1,079 units); Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Suzuki, Ducati and Triumph complete the top ten. In 2017, new motorcycle, scooter and moped registrations totalled 40,744 units, which was -6.60 percent down on 2016 (43,621 units); 2016 saw the highest number of new registrations in Austria since 2012 (46,047 units). Spain: motorcycles +14.32 percent in 2018 Spanish registrations 2018 2017 2018 200,000 +8.89% 50,000 TOTAL PTW as more and more Spanish citizens turn to two wheels for mobility in the city”. ANESDOR is projecting 3% 100,000 +14.32% 150,000 2017, and this explains why the growth in sales in the first half of 2018 was higher than in the second half of the year”. Scooters were the largest motorcycle registrations sector, taking 58% of the 158,086 registrations for a 10 percent growth in 2018 (92,016 units). Road bikes increased +19 percent to 58,980 units, with the small off-road sector growing +25 percent (6,810 units) after a big decline in 2017. Motorcycles up to 125 cc grew +15.5% in 2018 to 86,170 units; motorcycles over 215 cc were +12.9% (79,916 units). The decline in moped registrations was due to their Euro 3/Euro 4 crossover, which happened at the beginning of January 2018. Riano also commented that “the growth in road bikes was especially stimulated by continued growth in urban use The latest data from ANESDOR, the motorcycle industry trade association in Spain, shows motorcycle registrations +19.00 percent for December (9,871 units), having been -10.42 percent in November (10,205 units) and +15.15 percent in October (14,354 units). For the YTD the market in Spain was +14.32 percent at 158,086 units. The moped market in Spain remains soft (-26.42 percent/15,459 units in 2018), with total PTW registrations +8.89 percent in 2018 at 173,545 units. Jose Maria Riano, Secretary General of ANESDOR, says that “during 2018 the market in Spain recovered the growth trend after overcoming the Euro 4 regulatory change seen at the start of 2017. That brought a sharp drop in registration statistics during the first half of MOTORCYCLE growth for 2019 (3.5%/163,600 units are expected to be motorcycles, with mopeds +2.3%). INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 7