International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 50

PRO GuIDe Showa HeightFlex - Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment system Suspension specialist Showa continues the development of its aftermarket programme with the EICMA launch of Showa EERA - Showa’s Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment control technology that drives its new HeightFlex system. The motorcycle height is automatically lowered when the motorcycle comes to a stop, so the rider can reach to the ground easily. The vehicle height is automatically optimised during travelling regardless of the weight of the rider or load being carried. Described as “the world’s first height adjustment technology that combines a self-pumping function with an electronically controlled hydraulic valve that controls the oil supply to the shock absorber. “With no motor used, the product is light, compact, power-saving and very competitive. If you ride bikes such as high adventure models, it can be difficult to put your feet on the ground. While some manufacturers offer motorcycles designed with shorter suspension stroke to solve this, we have taken a different approach. “One that maintains the quality of the suspension’s performance while riding – the HeightFlex system delivers good shock absorber travel performance on rough roads while also providing easier ground reach – two often competing objectives. “The stroke sensor detects the vehicle height during riding, to optimise the front end height, and, when the vehicle comes to a stop, the stationary height is automatically lowered. “While some large tourer models use a motor to supply oil to change the spring preload, the Showa EERA HeightFlex uses a hydraulic jack with a self-pumping system that is operated by oil supplied through the extension/compression stroke of the damper to change spring preload. It is therefore a light, compact and power-saving system that can be offered at a very competitive price”. In effect, HeightFlex is using the oil flow generated by the damper strokes instead of using a motor. The electronically controlled hydraulic valve provided in the oil passage changes the oil flow to release the oil inside the hydraulic jack into the reservoir tank to lower the motorcycle height, just before the bike comes to a stop. To raise the height after starting to travel, the oil is fed into the jack to increase spring preload. During travelling, when the optimal height needs to be maintained, the electronically controlled hydraulic valve is on/off controlled to keep the hydraulic jack in the fixed position, and the oil flows back and forth between the damper body and reservoir tank as normal in conventional dampers. This system is designed so that the height is lowered just before the rider’s feet reach to the ground, which takes about a second. The height is raised completely after travelling several hundred meters from start on normal paved roads. HeightFlex was first shown at EICMA 2018 and will be available for Adventure and conventional Touring models, plus as a lowering technology for cruisers and custom bikes. SHOWA UK Aberdare, Mid Glam, UK Tel: +44 (0)1684 885 800 ARC GTX - “a new standard in laminated motorcycle jackets” Belgian specialist Richa has a new 2019 collection available, and among the updates is what the company says is a “new standard in direct laminated jackets” that features “sporty touring styling with ergonomic, pre-curved, slim-fit sleeves”. The ARC GTX is one of Richa’s top-of-the- line textile jackets, made in 2-layer Gore-Tex laminated textile fabric with D3O impact protection at the shoulders, elbows and back (it is also pre- prepared for D3O chest protection), has 3M reflection and a detachable, warm winter liner jacket. Riding apparel made with 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric is durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. In the ARC GTX, a Gore- Tex membrane is bonded to an outer shell material, then combined with a free-flowing lining, which results in a soft, lightweight all-weather jacket that keeps riders dry and comfortable without constraining movement. 50 INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 RICHA NV Oudenaarde, BELGIUM Tel: +32 (0)55 423435