International Dealer News IDN 147 February/March 2019 - Page 46

PRO GuIDe VStream for 2019 Tracer Wind jersey WT Maywood, Illinois based National Cycle’s new VStream Windscreen for the 2019 900 Tracer/Tracer GT is available in three different sizes and tints, ensuring a “perfect windscreen for almost every rider size or riding preference - all will offer improved wind protection and riding comfort compared to OEM or other aftermarket windscreens”. VStream gets its name from its unique patented shape. The advanced “V” profile and dimensional contours push the wind vortex out and away from the rider’s helmet, resulting in a less turbulent, quieter riding environment. These windscreens are made from tough 4.5 mm Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate. This high- quality material, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, provides outstanding clarity, impact strength and scratch resistance unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide. Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate is the material of choice for serious motorcycle riders. It is 10 times more abrasion resistant than FMR hardcoated polycarbonate, and 30 times more than windscreens made from commonly used acrylic or “aircraft plastic”. NATIONAL CYCLE INC. Maywood, Illinois, USA Tel: +1 708 343 0400 Created to offer warmth and comfort at the chest without sacrificing breathability at the back, made from Carbon Activewear material and part of the Winter Tourism line by SIXS, the new for 2019 wind jersey WT is a “second layer” jacket. It is made from polypropylene with 3D inserts in the areas most prone to sweating to offer breathability. At the front is a windproof and water-repellent Air Shield membrane, incorporating a “seamless technology for a perfect fit”, providing a second technical intermediate layer between underwear and an external jacket. Colours are black/red. SIXS, Italy, Racer bags closure system MML (Morphing Metal Lock) is a brand new, patented closure system that is only available on the RA318 RA319 46 two new Racer bags from Kappa (RA318 and RA319). The Racer range features soft luggage solutions with the exterior equipped with water-repellent fabric tested to resist UV rays. Updates for 2019 include a leg bag, a second tank bag and a triple saddlebag, INTERNATIONAL DEALER NEWS - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 along with the RA318 and RA319. These two new bags, with a capacity of 32 and 19 litres, feature MML, which Kappa describes as having “a ‘shape memory’ of a special type of metal, used here as bars sewn internally that follow the movement of the closing flaps and can then be folded beneath the ends. This operation enables hands to be moved out of the way without the bag opening and means the bag can be fully closed using the dedicated adjustable, crossover strap”. Both bags can be mounted to a saddle, top case or luggage rack using four additional straps which, once removed from the bag, hook to each other. The interior is equipped with “eye-catching orange coloured waterproof lining”. Carrying handles are included and the bags are available in black and grey. KAPPA Flero (BS), ITALY Tel: +39 030 268 0374